Nordrassil Classic WoW Roll Call

Hey all!

Any of the Nordrassil WoW Vanilla(TBC I guess?) players coming back for WoW Classic?

Dangerdoom - mage from the guild Paradox here. Any old guildies still around?

Was hoping to find a topic like this…

I played on Alliance side right after the server was born at the start of B/C all the way through cata. I slightly remember you, although its probably from online damage logs since we played different factions. I was in Natural Selection/Evolution. We sort of filled in the gap on the alliance side after By the Light became mostly inactive/disbanded.

I picked the game back up a bit once BFA was released and it seems like Mauradin kind of swallowed Nord in terms of guild activity and original players. It’s been almost impossible to connect with anyone since they changed the zoning and merged servers.

Good luck to you in classic! Would be cool to hear from some other nord players of old.

There’s several of us original HHG members from TBC/Wrath days that came back to Nordrassil for BFA (some of which will be playing classic too)

There’s a few of the Warpath guys over in a guild called Obscura (no clue if any will be playing classic though).

Last I knew of Paradox, they had transferred to Mal’ganis back around Cata? Don’t think many are around anymore.

Quite a few members of Sacellum will be restarting the guild in Classic.

You can find us on Athieth, we will start the guild as soon as we master to procure 10s for the charter :slight_smile: Looking forward hanging out with more old Nordrassil people.

Goal will be aligned with the Old Sacellum, pushing PVE content, in a friendly way.

I played for a couple of years right when TBC came out. Fipsh, hunter in Warpath. I came back to dink around in Classic under the same name on Stalagg. Would love to connect if any of the old crew are still around!

Wish I seen this post before doing mine…I was in the time of UpperEchelon/Warparth.
Was in BMR