Noob returning to WoW looking for friendly casual guild for Raiding-Mythics

Hello all :slight_smile:

I recently came back to WoW after I pretty much retired in Wrath; Id play around around a month each expansion to see the changes but never really stuck around. For Bfa I decided to give WoW another shot and so far I wont lie Im having fun.

But Im at a point where Ive hit a brick wall and thats group content. Im a fairly decent player, I started out on the Suramar server as Trigun and I used to raid with Midnight, I always came prepared for raids and I plan on doing the same this time around. Im not even close to the hardcore raider I used to be and I cant raid Fridays or Saturdays, but I can give all content that ol casual try :smiley:

if there is a like minded guild or group of people that would like to wipe away the night with an old hunter please send me a tell in game or answer this here post! Thank you.

P.S I dont even know how Mythics work TnT