Noob GPU/CPU question

Hi Guys/Gals. New to WoW. I am investing in a new laptop and want to know
If the following is good enough to play WoW on max/ultra graphics settings. I looked up the min specs, so I know these specs will play the game. I just want to play the game at max/ultra settings. Or should I consider something higher-end?
-Nvidia RTX 2060
-9th gen i7
-16Gigs RAM
-full hd monitor at 144hz with g-sync
-1 terabyte SSD

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the info and assistance! Stay safe!

You will be fully capable of playing the game on max settings. The PC I built last month has roughly the AMD equivalent of what you listed, and it plays the game at max settings in many cases maxed out to wow’s built in 100fps cap, most of the time being between 80-100, but never once less than 60.

I am playing at 1080p though. If your monitor is 1440p, you may dip closer to 60 fps in a lot more situations than I do.

Edit: Just out of curiosity though, which Core i7 does it come with? There are… (more than) a few varieties, even just in 9th gen.

Thanks for your response! It’s a i7 9750h I believe. I ended up going for a RTX 2070 and a 240hz panel. The other specs are the same. The RTX 2080 would be nice, but just too much money… stay safe dude, crazy out there right now!

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You should have no issues, may need to tone down some of the post processes but they make very minimal differences to how it looks. Next issue you will have it the lap heater you have created :joy:

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I have a laptop with the 9750h and 2060 myself and I hit 200fps in most situations. In high pop areas like orgrimmar it drops towards 70fps but that is more game engine issues then system issues.

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To avoid confusion and frustration, for anyone checking out this thread in the future, it’s important to note that you won’t see FPS numbers like Hexedtotem is hitting unless you turn off (or turn up) “Max Foreground FPS” in Menu > System > Advanced. By default it’s set to a max of 100.

The reason the option to limit fps is even there is for power consumption reasons for those who care about that sort of thing. With the limiter in place, my GPU rarely exceeds 10% usage. With it opened up, it spikes up to 30-40%. While this isn’t a big deal for a lot of people, for those using laptops it can mean a big difference in battery life and heat generation. :slight_smile: