Non combat ui elements on a second monitor

Hey folks, I use 2 monitors but wow doesn’t natively support spreading ui elements across both monitors. For now i use it for discord and youtube while gaming but i would love to put non combat elements onto the second screen like map, chat, quest log maybe bags etc. Is this possible? I wish wow supported this natively :cry:

My monitors are severly mismatched in size and resolution. I saw one person use an addon to stretch wow over both monitors but that didnt work for me due to the extreme mismatch.

When you say that stretching it across two monitors didn’t work, do you mean it just didn’t work or that the results were weird?

To do what you’d want, you’d need to stretch it across both monitors and then use a viewport addon to reshape the game world viewport back to only your main monitor. That allows the second monitor to be part of the WoW UI, but not the game world. (The loading screens and login screen will still stretch across both; there’s no way to avoid that beyond getting a third monitor to force that stuff back to the middle monitor.)

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Man maybe one day blizz could make a native option for it. My GPU couldn’t handle drawing the resolution of the required size and crrashed repeatedly. I am in need of a gpu upgrade so that may help but still wasn’t in love with that solution. I can live without it but I just think it’s a great opportunity.

tried, it didn’t work