Noggenfogger - Still bugged

This sums it up.

actually the way it worked in vanilla was that you could use it but when you swapped forms it would remove the noggenfogger completely. what you are referring to is how druids used the incorrect coding on private servers to abuse noggenfogger to shrink in to tiny skeletons and run the flags in wsg and be nearly invisible.

This is incorrect. Shape-shifting did not remove noggenfogger in in Vanilla. What’s worst is this was the only way to reduce Tauren druid hitbox to standard size in pvp. The mana drain through forms completely breaks the pvp for druids as classes are abusing this. After learning about this at the start of phase 2 I immediately re-rolled a rogue alt to pvp on.

Hey, by chance, did you read the link in this post to the official blue post stating “known issues”?

Because it quite clearly states it’s currently a known bug that the Noggenfogger skeleton form doesn’t stay while in forms. Thus showing you are incorrect.

I don’t know what vanilla you’re referring to, but this was most certainly not a thing in early World of Warcraft. Druids were never able to retain the skeleton from of Noggenfodder when shapeshifting. It did in some private servers, but never in original WoW.

Did you read the list of known bugs provided in the post? From bliz themselves. It states you are incorrect.

Here, since people seem to consistently don’t read/click it.

the known issue is that noggenfogger is being removed completely. where as its only supposed to put your caster form into a skeleton form but keep the buff so when you shapeshift out of caster and back in you still have skeleton form while in caster form. noggenfogger has NEVER in the history of wow overidden other druid forms.


I played a Level 60 Druid in Vanilla. You could never have a costume like noggenfogger on over your animal form. This type of cosmetic was actually introduced for Druids several expansions later, maybe Cata or MoP.

You know the ignorance is real because right now, in live, this is how it works and has since launch. It doesn’t remove the buff right now, forms just mask the skeleton form. So your whole claim is incorrect lol.

The post literally says “Noggenfogger Elixir does not retain the skeleton model on a shapeshifted Druid”

I seriously don’t know if you just can’t read? Or if the comprehension is lacking. Read that quote slowly. Does. Not. Retain. The. Skeleton. Model. On. A. Shapeshifted. Druid.
And this is on the list of known issues. It’s not saying “shapeahifting removes the skeleton form buff” like you’re claiming.

I played in vanilla. I used this constantly in duels. I never played on a private server, so no, it’s not a private server thing in my mind. There are clear old school PvP videos demonstrating this. AND bliz even agrees.

For some reason, it feels like I’m debating a flat earther who just refuses to accept facts here.

So druids not only use a level 40 helmet and a mace from Gnomeregan as their BiS, but they also use Noggenfogger to PvP which doesn’t do anything for you.

That video is not from 2006, just look at the date, 2011.

It’s a bug in more ways than one. Druids used to use it to make them harder to spot carrying flags. Also for hiding flags.They’d pop them repeatedly to get humanoid appearance while shape shifted, then keep popping until they get the shrink buff. This makes them small enough to run flags without being seen. It also allows them to /sleep in different locations making them invisible to the enemy team.

It’s an exploit pure and simple.

Lol except it’s posted as a known bug. Like others have stated- plenty in vanilla was wonky and “unfair”. They didn’t change these things. But when it’s a hinderance to others, people want it changed.

Why are you cool keeping this changed (which again, bliz acknowledges is currently not working as it did in vanilla) and not changing other things that are on the “not a bug” list that are problematic to people and were later changed in TBC onward?
Why do we get to cherry pick according to you?

Here is another video then.

Edit- if you need a time stamp, go to around the 4 min mark.
Edit 2- this is a known vanilla wow PvP video. Date uploaded on YouTube is 2011, creation date from wowmovies is earlier.

I said it was originally from 2006.

So, we have to take the word of someone 8 years ago that it was originally from vanilla. I know there was a Warcraftmovies post of it, but I cannot find it.

HOWEVER, I did find another video that was put up on WCM in 2006. That site is not much fun, but they also ported a lot of movies to youtube later. This one should show what we remember from that time.

And for anyone else who doubted. It was fixed on Tuesday. So we good :slight_smile:

It’s a bug. Blizzard needs to remove it. Ridiculous.

It’s the way it worked in vanilla. Get over it buddy :slight_smile:

No worries. Ill just report every druid i see for exploiting. It is 100% an exploit. IT wasnt fixed.

I was trolled lmao, good job.