Noggenfogger - Still bugged

Not a bug, that’s how it was. Skeleton is shapeshift, which is why changing forms erases it.

I don’t ever recall druids being able to use Noggenfogger Elixir over their forms.

Plenty of videos on you tube showing they did.

Also, its a much bigger issue being mana drained in form than noggenfogger is.


For you, and those of you who believe it’s not a bug. It is listed on the list of know bugs. Please see: WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

Specifically the 10th bullet on the art section (first section)
“Noggenfogger Elixir does not retain the skeleton model on a shapeshifted Druid”

Read the first 2 words and now I have the smelly cat song stuck in my head.


It is a bug, see: WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

Not true. Myself and many others played vanilla and it skeli would retain even in forms. Plenty of old school videos show it too. Also, see WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

I played classic. Changing forms removes other forms. That’s how it was.

In Vanilla changing forms kept the skeleton look, I played Vanilla.

It’s funny that changes keep happening yet if it’s changes you want it’s okay. Where’s the no change crowd now?

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I played too and it didn’t. You can’t even mount in it. You are confused.

Yes it did, he showed proof. It even works on private servers which didn’t change the effect at all. I played a druid in vanilla.

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Pservers aren’t accurate. And no it doesn’t work on all pservers either.

Your proof is pserver generates videos, it’s not vanilla.

Yes. It. Did.

I had been ganked by skelly druid cats in Vanilla. I USED it myself.

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I’m telling you, faulty pserver memory. Because vanilla never allowed two shapeshifts at once. That included mounting a horse or even shadow form with noggenfovger.

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I do not remember from vanilla because i never played a druid then
but i would be careful about taking a pserver as an example.

i have seen pserver videos where there is obviously a lot of non normal or purposely customized stuff.

It’s literally on the list of known issues for Classic and listed as a bug by Blizzard. I don’t understand how you can be this daft.


clearly, you are not even looking at the link I’m providing you. It’s flat out on Bliz list of known bugs. So they are aware it’s an issue and not working properly. So, not to be mean, but you are flat out wrong here.

My post is only in hopes to make bliz fix this quicker.

this isnt a bug its how it was intended it would be unfair for druids to keep the shapeshift

Yo, y’all just flat out annoying. Not even remotely attempting to be informed. Click, and read the link provided. It is straight up on Blizzards list of known issues.

Like the other person said. Most of y’all wanted #nochanges, but the second it’s “unfair” for you, y’all want the change to stick. I’m not debating it was an advantage. It was. But that’s how it was in vanilla and sorry I want the same experience I had back then.

If ya wanna say it should stay this way because it was unfair, fine. But get out of here with saying it’s intended or it’s not how it was. Plenty of old PvP videos prove it was that way, and bliz even confirms it.

The naysayers are really annoying. Either they were too young or never played it and base their comments on private servers.

Here is a video that was originally made in 2006.

There you go, you can see a feral as a skeleton.


Thank you for this.

Hope if you didn’t wanna look at the actual blue post you may watch the above video.