Noctum Recruiting for Wed/Th 9-11 Raids

We are looking for dps specifically. Heal or Tank offspec is always useful, but it will be offspec. We raid 4 hours/week and have maintained AotC the last 2 expacs. We won't be cutting edge or mythic raiders, but always raid current content. If you enjoy raiding current content with a strong and stable group with a limited raid schedule, please consider us. Cheers.
No one cares Corey.
Hey a buddy and I are looking to get into some raids. My work schedule really only allows me to Raid on Wed/Thursday. I'm ilvl 354 and my friend is a hunter with an ilvl about the same if not a few points better. I'll shoot you a message in game if we are online at the same time.
Could still use a couple dps. pst in game.

Could use a couple dps for Battle of Dazar’alor. We raid Wed/Thu 9-11. We’ve maintained heroic Ahead of the Curve for the last 2 expacs and now so far in BFA using this light schedule of 4 hours/week. We run some mythic+ on offnights. pst to any member in game and they’ll point you to a contact. If you like to raid current content successfully with limited play time needed please consider us. We provide repairs, flasks, food etc.

Usefully i was on the wrong toon. Noctum of Garona.

I’m looking to start raiding again after 10 years break. The schedule works great for me. Feel free to message me in game.

Still looking for just a few more dps, but could use all.

Still looking for DPS Blonde?

Is level 85 high enough to join?

don’t join these nerds