#nochanges to PvP! Include CRBGs

Naxx is going to be in there from day one. You just won’t be able to use the portal to get to it. It’ll still be in the game files 100%.

How would anyone know? Also the point was is was not limited and was never once mentioned we would never only get 1.12 content just that the game itself would be based around it. Again keep up.

No one said it didnt have a valid basis, however a large portion of the community hated CRBGs myself included. The point was that is it possible to not have them

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Hmmm I wonder just how ‘large’ of a portion those haters really are. Compared to all the people happy with fast queue times. Happy people playing BG’s non-stop don’t complain on the forums.

Alot of people in my original server had an outrage about back then. I can only speak for my original server, we use to have massive brawls and rivalries that got watered down by CRBGs. I however obviously had a large pvp community. We should add context shouldnt we.

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They’ve made it pretty clear they’re going to use 1.12 data.

After careful consideration, we decided on Patch 1.12: Drums of War as our foundation, because it represents the most complete version of the classic experience. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/21881587/dev-watercooler-world-of-warcraft-classic

Besides the 1.10 loot tables for relic items and some items being gated on vendors. It seems we’re getting 1.12. We’re getting 1.12 stats confirmed by the PVP post here:

Nearly every single update has said 1.12. Now whether they consider CRBGs part of the data or some outside “server linking feature” is beyond me. But there is a very good argument for it being in there because it was the main feature of 1.12.

Again missing the entirity of the point that was made. If you arent going to at least attempt to listen to the discussion being made then why even bother discussing?

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I still think blizz can please almost everyone by doing crBg’s but excluding all or some pvp servers from it.

Your argument is “they haven’t come out and stated they’re going to only use 1.12”

Them saying “we’re picking an original WoW patch that gives us the most clarity for WoW: Classic, and 1.12 is that patch” seems to suggest they are.

How else do you interpret clarity?

Again no one here is saying they’ll put them in for sure. People are just saying it is a valid request whether people want it or not because it was the defining feature of the patch they selected.

Tastes vary. I strongly want no CRBG; but I can see the other side.

I could be content with Blizzard putting in a switch that toggles weekly between the two Vanilla modes. Sort of like they way battleground holidays worked.

There is a difference in data used and content format. Along with the loaded statement only 1.12 will be used strictly. Just bevause it is the basis means nothing. Hence the discussions and open ended decisions from then regarding various topics.

Literally just wasting discussion time at this rate for the sake of simply arguing.

Yea. People who want CRBGs should go to retail because retail has CRBGs and I’d hate to burst your bubble, but they’ve shot down the idea of cross realm grouping (I’m aware this doesn’t mean cross realm BGs) and have said they’re trying to keep the sense of community as close to vanilla as possible, so it doesn’t look too hot for CRBGs. And to say it was “very much” a vanilla system is ignorant, as it was implemented 3-4 months before BC was released. So CRBGs were a thing for 4/26 months in Vanilla, and to assume they’ll be in classic is plain goofy.

To further disprove your comments, it’s been said WoW classic is not going to be a recreation of patch 1.12, but rather that it is the foundation on which they are building the game because it “was the most complete version of vanilla WoW”. Meaning not every aspect is going to be from 1.12, and there may be aspects from 1.12 that aren’t in the game.

I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just saying don’t be surprised if there aren’t CRBGs.

And since you’re putting words in my mouth let me just say this before you twist it into something stupid: I think CRBGs is a terrible idea.

It’s not wasted discussion time.

Cross-Realm Battlegrounds are a valid discussion to be had. No matter how many people want to forget that they existed, they did. Some loved them, some hated them. Should we go back and change Classic WoW because of Vanillas mistakes?

Well if we did, people would start to question why you want to change the game?

Classic World of Warcraft is having phases to mimic the patches that came out from 2004-2006. It’s suppose to emulate World of Warcraft. To best way to do that is to try to have a perfect recreation from patch 1.1-1.12 to the best of their abilities.

If you want to do it perfectly and recreate it exactly as it within the confines of a 1.12 base. You’d include Cross-Realm BGs at phase six, because phase six is patches 1.11-1.12.

Then for the first five phases you wouldn’t have it. And then phase six rolls around and you’d have it. Phase six may not even be until Classic WoW is approaching 1.5 years of life. So it may be near two years into Classic before we see this feature, if they followed how it rolled out in a recreated timeline.

I played a lot of BGs in Vanilla. I did my honor grind (solo queue) to Rank 11 on my 60. I also had BG twinks for various brackets but mainly 29. The community was amazing. The realm forums were abuzz with activity as players from both factions took to the forums after some clutch matches for a trash-talk session. The majority of active PvPers knew everyone else. You’d run into the same crews both at 60 and at the twink levels. It was great. And then one day cross realm queues came in and you no longer faced the opposition from your server. For all intents and purposes you were fighting complete strangers and it became meaningless outside of any garbage grind Blizzard wanted you to fulfill. The rivalries, renown and infamy were all wiped out. It sucked the joy out of the game.

I still remember dozens of names of PvPers from 14 years ago - Their classes and race. I couldn’t tell you any details about anyone from a CRBG queue and through the expansions, the only noteworthy recollection I have are the AFKers who just show up to collect participation points to later spend on welfare epics. What a dumpster fire the BGs turned into.

The people who don’t want long queue times: I guess you ought to take population into account when selecting a faction/server. On PvP realms, the ‘bigger team’ has so many advantages that I laugh at their tears for long queue times - Too. ****ing. Bad.

If you want CRBGs because you don’t have all the time in the world anymore: Too bad too. Go play retail if your justification for making the game worse is that ‘you don’t have the time to put into it’.


The thing is though… this go play retail argument doesn’t hold any water. It holds water for people who want non-vanilla features.

CRBG was a Vanilla feature… It’s like turning off a movie when there is ten minutes left because you don’t like the ending. And since you turned off the movie, the ending doesn’t exist.

This post makes no sense whatsoever. The go play retail argument holds plenty of water. If you are THAT concerned about such a stupid feature, then play retail. If not, live with it. Fact of the matter is CRBGs were such a minimal part of vanilla (literally 12% of the time in vanilla saw CRBGs) that it’s hardly considered a vanilla system, and nobody was happy with it. For all intents and purposes it ruined the sense of community from server to server.

I bet you and Raerith were the type of people who wouldn’t eat your mashed potatoes if there was a piece of corn in it.

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There were plenty of people happy about it and people have voiced their pleasure with the system on various threads.

The timeframe that a feature was in vanilla doesn’t matter. What matters that it was in Vanilla and it was in the 1.12 data.

You wouldn’t tell me we should exclude Naxx right? It only existed in such a small part of Vanilla, right? Patch 1.11 to the TBC prepatch. But we’ll include that, right? What about the world PVP objectives that came in 1.12? We’ll keep those right? The rogue talent rework that came in 1.12 that caused all of the rogues to have a free talent reset, we’ll keep that?

You know what ruined the sense of community? Battlegrounds. When battlegrounds first came out, people complained. They yelled and made angry forum posts about how battlegrounds were going to kill World PVP. And they did for the most part. People who want to do battlegrounds removed themselves from the world and sat in separate instance servers.

Lots of things happened in Vanilla that were going to kill the game.

Battlemasters were going to kill the game and the community.

So many things were going to kill the community.

Also, next time you have an argument please stick to actually arguing the subject manner. Don’t resort to personal insults. It makes your argument look like it can’t stand by itself.

In any way, shape, or form. Anyone that tells someone to “Go play retail” should be told to “Go play private servers”. It’s essentially the same thing.

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That doesn’t work for off-peak players, PVE server players and RP server players. That doesn’t work for servers that start strong but end up tiny for whatever reason.

Go play retail you say…and yet you’re the one advocating for non-vanilla (non 1.12) change rofl. Delicious hypocrisy.


And it is a valid request to leave CRBG’s out of Classic since they were not always present in vanilla.

Either way would be in keeping with vanilla.