Nobody wants spell batching

Man I actually want to call someone to help this guy

Mods remove his spam and he just reposts it

it’s on topic friendo - because it shows spell batching (aka server lag) and how it interacted with reckoning in 2006 back on vanilla and how it functions now in 2019 on classic

you are simply unwilling or incapable of accepting the fact that the mechanic existed back in the day and is being recreated here and now

You seem to be completely arguing something no one else is even talking about.

You do understand we’re talking about abilities/effects happening in the wrong order because of the batching. Fixing this has nothing to do with your annoying crusade.

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Ravid has stated multiple times that spell batching was never in Vanilla - he is under the false impression that this is a somehow new mechanic that was invented for 1.13

Mobs couldn’t attack and interrupt you while they were stunned in classic bud sorry

Spell Batching did exist. But not in this form. You’re confusing spell batching with artificial lag

They tried to recreate the feeling and failed, and ended up breaking half of the game mechanics with it

Oh sure batching existed just not like this.

I know that it’s really hard to grasp that vanilla spell batching and classic spell batching can be two separate things with the same name but all we can do is explain it 10 more times to you and hopefully it sinks in eventually otherwise you’re just a lost soul

For such a godlike famous paladin this simple concept is disturbingly difficult for you to grasp


once more for the “special snowflakes”

if blizz decides to remove spell batching that’s fine with me - but they would simply need to allow these on receiving a critical hit talents to function with a /sit macro

that way everyone can have their cake and eat it too

see this is where I actually agreed with you when I posted my original response in this thread so long ago

if they simply remove spell batching without any adjustments in the process, then that goes against their stated goal of #NoChanges

Special snowflake lmfao the irony

The literal next paragraph is you explaining how that’s fine if the game gets fixed as long as you can keep your special snowflake mechanic

I seriously can’t breathe right now :laughing::joy::sob:

The mods responded? Does this show someone may be listening?

you say you played a Paladin on Lightshope, yet had no idea what Seal Twisting was…

that right there was worthy of quite a /guffaw on its own right

but I digress, every single dual wield Fury Warrior would love this for permanent Enrage/Blood Craze as much as I would so do you wanna tell them or shall I?

as a reminder:

Enrage Rank 5
Gives you a 25% melee damage bonus for 12 sec up to a maximum of 12 swings after being the victim of a critical strike.

Blood Craze Rank 3
Regenerates 3% of your total Health over 6 sec after being the victim of a critical strike.

No they’re just banning people who are spitting truth

Ironically they stopped banning me after the whole Hong Kong debacle and just remove posts now. Censoring free speech is a much higher priority than trolling

Which is proper behavior for mods bans are pretty serious

But to answer your question no I think they’re just cleaning up trash not actually taking feedback

Edit: okay I get it now I have no idea what this troll is talking about. Now all of a sudden we’re discussing Blood Craze.

I’m washing my hands of this discussion definitely a sperg

“after being the victim of a critical strike.”

Redoubt, Reckoning, Blood Craze, Enrage all function based off of that friendo and each of the mechanics work with Spell Batching both back in 2006 in Vanilla and now in 2019 in Classic

What he is talking about are people abusing a sit/stand macro so they can permanently keep up the talents that trigger on being crit. Typically they wouldn’t be crit, but by spamming a macro with server lag the mob crits you thinking you are sitting but the game thinks you are standing so the talents trigger.

It’s important to note getting crit while sitting and triggering these talents was patched out. However it is circumvented by spamming a macro.

His argument is if batching is removed it will stop their sit/stand macro abuse. Since this abuse was around in vanilla due to the server lag then, that removing abusing this mechanic wouldn’t be vanilla-like and thus #changes.

All I can say is if your skill requires you to spam an abusive macro to be good, you may not be as good as you think you are.

tell that to one of the top dual wield Fury Tanks playing the game:


I’m going off of tanking naxx twice a week on both toons for about 6 months, both with bis gear
And yeah I/sit to enrage

Don’t get me wrong - I’m not trying to be snarky at you - but it’s a much more prevalent mechanic for dual wield Fury Warriors than Paladins.

Who cares. Abusing a macro is abusing a macro, whether it was able to be abused 15 years ago or not. It is doing something that development specifically tried to stop you from doing by removing the mechanic, and you are circumventing their efforts to stop you by abusing server lag.

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again, you will have to tell that to every single dual wield Fury Warrior playing the game who wants to maintain permanent Enrage uptime in both PvE and PvP

whereas Reckoning is only prevalent in PvP

Just because everyone else abuses things makes it right. Right?

I’d 100% be behind removing automatic crits from sitting and make it the normal crit rate as standing.

it’s got nothing to do with what’s right or wrong - it has everything to do with how Vanilla WoW gameplay actually was back in 2005/06 and we have 100% concrete proof that this is how the game functioned back then

this is the entire basis for #NoChanges and #WartsAndAll upon which Classic was designed

are there bugs and things that should be fixed?

of course, but if you deviate from the entire design philosophy upon which Classic is based on, then you end up with #RetailWoW

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You sound very threatened that Ret paladins, one the least respected class roles in the game, (the enhancement shaman of the alliance) by this. I can understand you wanting to preserve vanilla game play here for your class and role despite it being unpopular with many people here, honestly I can.

You’re missing the point though, as I said in previous statements, WE WANT spell batching…just not like this, we want it to work properly. Many of us however have been so fed up by the current state that we are so bold as to say ‘If this is spell batching then we don’t want it’.

We can all cite our own issues with current spell batching but I feel like adding any more to this thread is already beating a dead horse.

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Spell Batching doesn’t affect Ret much other than Seal Twisting FYI - it has a much greater impact for RECK Paladins (which are technically Prot Paladins)

but it has the greatest impact on dual wield Fury Warrior tanks (aka both factions Horde and Alliance) and their ability to maintain permanent Enrage uptime which means +25% dps AND +25% threat

Dm buffs were stackable in vanilla, yet blizz changed that. Where’s your #nochanges

Terrain exploitation was available in vanilla, yet it’s not in classic. Where’s your #nochanges

Fixing another exploit/abuse of mechanics would go fine with other non vanillalike changes blizz has made, except this hurts you and others who abuse the mechanics so you are a staunch #nochangesbecauseiuseit

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