Nobody wants spell batching

Edit: Also, sometimes batching may accidentally save people if they land something on you…but that is still better than having to have the best latency to be able to land a CC first…

You should really watch that video above your head.

Imagine taking a warrior auto for 1.5k and applying deep wounds to you for over 10 seconds when you went from a simple sap to CS or gouge which is a pretty basic combo for rogues

Like what kind of drugs are you smoking dude

We don’t want it like modern wow. This game IS modern wow. We want it like vanilla

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The guy above has posted a few videos, of the vanish bug yeah.
There are issues in PvE with it potentially… with those flurry of attacks that come in, or vanishing in melee range of mobs and it breaks.

Fyi, that vanish issue hasn’t happened to me ONCE in brd, as i spent lots of hours in there pickpocketing… I get some distance or spirnt to LOS, or instantly gouge the mob that resists my pickpocket THEN vanish and it works fine.

Now regarding batching itself, he says in that video “probably due to spell batching” but he isn’t sure and doesn’t know what is causing it.

That isn’t happening in PVP to me on a rogue, and i can guarantee i have PvP’d more than both of you combined in classic so far.

I don’t think you understand what batching does.

Batching makes it so those with 10 Ms ping and those with 150 Ms ping are basically no different. If they are cast within the same batch they are considered casted at the same time and will register together on the server.

That’s why you can juke a cs and still get locked out or have a warrior run over a trap and him still hamstring you before he gets frozen.

This is all server side, ping has literally nothing to do with this conversation unless you’re literally rocking like 300 ping, because that’s what’s baked in to the server

That’s exactly what i AM saying.

If you have 10ms and he has 100-150ms, you are on an EVEN playing field if you cc within the same batch of lets say 300-400ms whatever it is.

That is actually fairer, are you unable to understand that logic?
Would you prefer to have an unfair advantage with your 10ms? or have an even playing field? if you prefer unfair advantages go play retail :slight_smile:
Try playing from OCE to NA realms in a BG and see how cancer it is, compared to wPVP on your own server with low latency in the modern client.

I am fine with reducing the window by half or so, because in 2019 you likely wont have more than say 200ms most of the time so it shouldn’t be an issue. However removing it completely is a complete change from what classic wow was and is stupid.
Current batching might be like 300-400ms, and was designed that way intentionally in the past…

Is it due to spell batching duh. Just watch the video. If you’re asserting ping has anything to do with what happened there you’re an idiot.

All of those mechanics are handled server side. It doesn’t matter if he has 1000 ping. A sap into a gouge should have NO CHANCE to trigger an autoattack. Hell he could have 3000 ping. How would that cause a mob to auto going from incapacitated to incapacitated?

Also nobody cares how much rogue PVP you’ve done. Hunters have stated countless times about the flat out delay on traps triggering, druids getting range and energy when shifting into form, juking and landing counterspells, and pretty much every other mechanic you can think of. The first two examples of which have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with ping.

This conversation is stupid stop trolling

In the video he went from sap to gouge, there is a delay between when gouge goes off… if you played the game instead of whinging on a forum you would know LOL

Also you only sap into gouge if you are PvE spec, and get taken out of stealth when you sap…and if you play a rogue you would know gouge has a lil delay (obviously) and you would expect a hit to go through.

Go watch world of roguecraft. He does a sap into gouge on Maydie I believe on crappy 2004 internet , the exact same thing as here and doesnt get autoed because that wouldn’t make any sense

Seriously done with this troll conversation go back to general

That’s fine if you are “done” with the conversation…
I just gave you the proper information/facts in regards to your whinging complaints and you just deny them or change topic.
So clearly you can’t seem to understand how it works and are going to continue complaining about nothing…

It’s fine though, keep complaining instead of learning the mechanics of the game and maybe the devs can give you full legendary items so you might stand a chance against someone, because batching is so “UnFaIr AnD bRoKeN”

if they wanna remove spell batching, then fine go ahead and do it - but they would have to enable /sit for Reckoning/Enrage in its place :stuck_out_tongue:

so pick your poison kids

I agree with you that spell batching is a borderline necessary feature of Classic. I think that the way it’s implemented should be revised though. I think it would work a lot more fluidly if they separated batching to only apply to abilities that function as CC. Damage/heal effects would work quickly, and the skill ceiling remains in being able to vanish CCs and bolt spells, as well as two targets being able to CC each other at the same time, whether on purpose or not. This may feel weird though since it would only affect a portion of spells and feel inconsistent.

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These devs do not know what they are doing they are literally learning as we report stuff. They are literally noob programers , shoot even Rift had a better launch of Prime then these guys. I dont get it man.


If they could do that, it would be perfect imo.

I hate spell batching. It isn’t the spell batching I wanted. I wanted spellbatching like private servers. The way they have it on here the batch window is wayyyyy too big and it feels clunky and bad, to the point where I miss private servers.


Spell batching for you.


I can assure you nobody cares about paladins


This guy gets it. I play with lag and I’ve played with greater lag still. I know anything below 200ms is barely noticeable unless you’re specifically trying to notice it. So for instant casts and heals to be so evidently delayed so frequently, and FD+Trap “working” as clunky as it does, is more than enough evidence for me to say spell batching’s got to go.
It’s not the sub-par infrastructure that draws us to vanilla, though I appreciate the intent, it’s the game itself.
And a non-buggy game is preferable.


Just stop posting in this thread Theloras

I know you THINK you are doing the greater good, but you just dont get it bud.

You are wrong.
Ravid is correct.


It is a nerf to everyone. It causes me hella issues on my Rogue. It makes it nearly impossible for me to vanish and reopen like I used to.

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no i disagree. i get 18 ms all day long in the Chicago area, and i notice the difference when it goes to 60 or so. 200 is really obvious you must not be very perceptive to tell that

sorry to say it, but you are slow if you see no difference between 18 and 200

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