Nobody wants spell batching

Also nobody wants to invite some random level 1 in org to reset their mara/UBRS for them

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pretty sure batching affects Bash in Druid Bear form

I’m speccd so it’s a 5 second stun and more often than not I not only have to press it twice to activate bash but its only for 3 or 2 seconds…

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Dude I was 3 manning Duskwing in EPL, start to get low and we have no heals.

So I bash (5 second spec) shift out to do a full heal and it breaks 3 seconds in he immediately silences me and kills me.

That was some scuffed s hit if I’ve ever seen it I’ve never been that pissed in awhile.

Either bash has heartbeat resists or it got batched or whatever caused that to break is complete bull

Bash should be a 5 second stun period


yeah man, it’s complete shyt
Happens to me like this all the time.

Also with Warstomp and going into a cast of regrowth the mob will somehow always get out of stun as if it’s only 1 second duration.

Crap like this is really bearing down on enjoying the class tbh. Not to mention how random THREAT is working atm…


Spell batching is all wrong.

A melee attack or a cast begins before you CCd, interrupted or otherwise interfered, should abort the attack/cast. It does when the mob interrupts or CCs you. Instead, after your interruption or CC, the attack “completes”! Ridiculous!

This mechanic and leeway have materially altered the way combat works.


Rogue vanish Hunter feign death Warrior bloodrage all screwed because of this… im done not resubbing so done with this crap almost 2 months and no blue posts

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Speak for yourself LOL… “nobody wants batching” ??

I do. Plenty of others do. Anyone that is serious about PvP does.
Not necessarily to this extent, if the batching duration was halved i wouldn’t complain…but to remove it completely, would be so bad for the game.

Batching adds extra layers of skill, being able to cc someone at the same split second batch that you get cc’d is huge…

Maybe get good and learn to play with it, it’s actually really good for rogues lol

That would be DR, not batching… why would batching reduce the amount of time a stun goes for

here we go with the ‘get gud’ nonsense.

There’s nothing to get good about when you shift out of form to heal and youre stuck in a swing animation instead of straight up casting or while waiting for maul to swing and you press bash to stun and have the game tell you ‘this ability isn’t ready’. What?

EVERY melee class is suffering from some sort of problem with batching, casters aswell.
You like playing a jank game then I guess you’re set.


“Anybody serious about PvP [wants batching]”

hm, what awful players do you interact with daily? I quite literally know of exactly 0 people who want batching.




So because it’s good for your class everyone else has to “get good”? Batching is pretty broken for warriors at the moment. Execute is seemingly being double batched. Look in the bug report posts and you’ll see one about it near the top.

Lol please get out of here with your trolling this is a serious forum


All the forum heroes screamed for this scuffed batching then when it actually released they realized it was trash and not what they expected/wanted. Just listen to the popular podcasts lol they all hate batching.


I don’t think anyone would mind the batching if it actually was an accurate simulation of how it worked in vanilla.


I’m noticing this consistently, not only with heals but instant casts damage spells also: you hit the ability, see the animation, know the mana is used up, see the damage number… but the health bar? Takes a good .5s-1s to update. That was my first indication something was off.
Then I noticed it when healing.
Then I noticed my pet seemed to be in perpetual stupor.
Then I put three and three together.

What a terrible idea spell batching is. Even if internet infrastructure was different back then, this is beyond lag; it’s like lagging the lag, on purpose.


Yo, Dawg…


Lagging the lag.


Also you really notice this raid healing. Your cast will finish and then a half a second later you’ll see the tanks health move

Veterans call this “getting batched”. Basically, the healer, nor the tank, nor the mob caused the player to die. The server killed the player

We have some great video showing how garbage this mechanic is from Harmon


Those of you that wan’t it like modern wow must be clueless in PvP.

IF you want it based on latency, that takes AWAY from skill. Regardless of what you think/say, that is a fact.
IF you have 5-10ms and i have 100ms, you will get your cc off first in modern wow.

With batching, if you have the latency i mentioned above and time it right you can still counter the cc with your own on the same batch.

Get a clue before you talk garbage…lol