Nobody Transferring off Faerlina. Next Option, timely manner please

I love you, I can not agree more!!!

This could have all been avoided with more servers at launch without layering bullsh!t.

Some servers are meant to die. That’s OK. Let them die when it’s time. This idiocy of layering to increase realm playability has killed classic.

I was basically saying this in another realm transfer topic. This can not be overemphasized.

Lol enjoy your queues.

Nah, Blizzard warned everyone and Faerlina when I logged into the realm list about 2PM or so was the only server that was not at medium and below. Which means there are going to be a lot of unhappy campers that are going to be forced off the server when Phase 2 drops. Blizzard already stated multiple times they are not extending the capacity above their set threshold.

And Blizzard has never offered free transfer to people to go wherever they want to go. They give free transfers to servers that have low populations once they fill up then the process starts all over again. I was given a free transfer from ED to Maelstrom. I spent about half of Cata on there and I paid to transfer to Area-52 where I have been ever since.

Blizzard is not going to let people transfer to High pop server to cause the same problem on them that Faerlina has currently. If anything people will have to pay to transfer to a low to medium, which I am not sure if that is possible at this point, it is something I don’t have to worry about since I move when I was asked to move.

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If you’re wondering what could possibly possess someone to put up with four-hour queues, it’s this belief right here. This is the reason why servers are so profoundly unbalanced.

Layering is mostly a sideshow. Admittedly it’s the reason that the overpopulated realms aren’t also a slideshow, but for anyone who doesn’t have PTSD from leveling 10 60s on a server that died, the queue would already be more than enough deterrent. For the people who are scared witless by that prospect, I’m not sure that they wouldn’t just be level 3 and casting three spells per session with 290000 ping while insisting that they’re making the right call because of long-term server health.

Just because it’s low pop doesn’t mean it’s dead, it would be far more enjoyable to play instead of waiting to play and fighting for mobs. Stop being a “virgin” high population server guy. Be the Chad low pop server guy.

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I doubt they can just put another stick of memory in the server and change some numbers.

This is totally true (holy crap when green dragons come out the no-longer-layered superservers are gonna be SALTY) but also not very helpful. The server pops are skewed. Fear of dead (excuse me, LOW POPULATION) servers is why. There’s an easy solution: promise future mergers for the lowest pop servers.

There’s no sense carrying water for a system that has been demonstrably bad (retail’s dead-servers-die policy) just because you think you have a way around it.

Next option: YOU transfer off Faerlina.

You expect others to do the transferring. BE the change you want to see. If you are upset by queues, the transfers were FOR YOU. The only people who should be on Faerlina now are people who can at least manage with the queues without whining in the forums. If you don’t like queue, it’s up to you to go where there are none.


All the full realms are being offered migrations all to different realms, that’s not very appealing. A better solution would be letting people on the full realms choose from any of the receiving realms, that way the full servers can coordinate so they don’t potentially end up on a dying realm

If I recall when Nesingwary was made, like 5+ different realms were offered migrations to there and it had a pretty good pop for years because several realms contributed rather than only 1 or two

Did you even look at the blue sticky post? There are literally 5 mega-pop servers funneling onto Heartseeker along and I believe also 5 going into Earthfury, lol.

You just blurt out wrong things as a personality trait or did someone teach you this behavior?

That’s two realms funneling into one, not 5

Also, why are you so angry my dude? If it’s about not transferring, I’m not on Incendius so…

That’s the old post… Incendius, Benediction, Sulfuras, Stalagg and Faerlina have free transfers to Heartseeker.

That’s pretty cool, I was following the Blue thread I linked in particular but the replies became too numerous

It’s not about the limitation of the servers, its about what’s going to happen when they remove layering and now all these people are playing in the same instance of the game world. You can’t have 25k people on the same layer, the game would be unplayable.

i guess wanting to play on a streamer server that bad has its consequences

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Probably shouldn’t have rolled on the streamer server mate

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Sounds great on paper.

Expectation - Everyone transfers to medium/high pop servers and Blizz doesn’t have to have so many realms.

Reality - Everyone transfers to realms with already imbalanced faction disparities and all of the realms end up being worse off.