No world buffs in TBC

Just in case anyone missed this, as I only
I saw it on reddit a few minutes ago.

Makes sense. Nobody messed with WB in TBC.

Oh dear. Batton down for the “well actually” guys to start posting a one or two off video from TBC that showed them.



World buffs don’t work in TBC anyway

Yes, as TBC pre-patch kicks in, world buffs are gone for good, as well consumable stacking (you can only have a flask or Guardian + Battle Elixir.

I suppose I should put up my Hand of A’dal title on my forum toon. I raided into BT and only didn’t do Sunwell because I was heads-down on my thesis.

Maybe a few edge case world first guilds did some fiddly stuff with buffs, but normal T6 raids were much more worried about raid comp and having enough Windfury shaman. Oh, and picking a day and time when the instance server wasn’t likely to be lagged out. You never, ever progression raided on Tuesday after reset the way folks do now. Instance servers were crash-prone on patch day.

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Later patches reduced the levels the buffs worked on to level 63 and BELOW.

World buffs didn’t work after that, I don’t recall the exact patch, but since we are starting on the last patch it should be started on launch.

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World buffs weren’t functional at level 70 after patch 2.1.0 world buffs do not apply on level 63 and higher

I’m pretty sure Songflower and Warchief’s Blessing are also included, although no documented.

Before 2.1.0, the game was kinda “balanced” around having them.

That explains why we didn’t chase around after WB. LOL! I didn’t raid in Vanilla so it never occurred to me to worry about them.

There was that buff from killing Kael’thas and turning in the Verdant Sphere but it was only active in TK. We did try to have that active.

The vanilla world buffs were changed to only work for level 63 and below. But there were still some TBC world buffs that may have worked in raids.

Blessing of A’dal.
Darkmoone Faire
Hellscreams warsong (maybe, some people remember it falling off if you left Nagrand)

Yeah, but it only works inside TK dungeons

A’dal’s Song of Battle:
A’dal’s Song of Battle

In Tempest Keep: The Botanica, The Mechanar, and The Arcatraz, reputation gained with the Sha’tar from killing monsters is increased by 10%. Damage and Healing increased by 5%.

It does not work in the raid The Eye.

Yea but the blessing is a 1 time buff for the arcatraz key or something?

I know you can’t keep getting it.

And darkmoon I’m not sure about.

We need a Steppenwolf meme for this… “No protectors here… No dragonslayer, no warchiefs blessing”.


Only if you are alliance. pepefancy

Blessing is a one time buff correct. Even if blizzard left it unchanged it wouldn’t be a huge deal. You can only get it one time.

Hellscreams warsong goes off in Nagrand when someone completed the Bring Thrall to Nagrand quest chain. It is identical to the Rend buff. Lasts 1 hour.

DMF idk. It was there in BC, but I don’t remember if it worked in raids or not

Yea I doubt any of it will matter to much.

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If I weren’t so lazy I would do it just to spite you.


If they’re going with a wipe of WBs at the start of a raid encounter I kind of want them to not have the 2.1 change that makes a bunch of them simply not work above level 63, so that I could make use of them just during dailies or something.