No Update, No Balance, No Care - See ya!

They’ll hype cata and work on it… its gonna be a 2 month thing and it will be at player count level of Classic Hardcore.

People should invest in playing alts. It’s a big draw for SoD and the investment is enough to sink your teeth into.

Leveling, rune collection, epic gear questlines, and then gearing up with STV and raid. Theres plenty to do.

that would be alot more incentivized if every classes kit was actually good / fun this phase.

EG: I have 4 toons - Pally, Warrior, Rogue, Mage
I was super engaged on Warrior/Rogue/Mage i p1, raided almost every lockout on all 3, got them all wsg exalted.
I swapped to paladin main this phase because my group needed a 2nd consistent healer, and warriors p1 runes got drilled into the ground (my p1 main).

  • warriors only runes this phase in terms of damage make slam instant (both of them) in different ways… while still having to deal with crappy cbr rage management and giga armor/bleed reduction on gnomer bosses (and globaled in pvp for sure)
  • rogue kit is literally 1 button with dagger mut build this phase… doesn’t bring any raid buffs so finding a raid at all is challenging/frustrating and isn’t the “s tier” dps that it should be to make up for that lack of buff/utility (this is the 2nd character I got to 40 - good for 1v1’s but easily countered in team fight scenarios)
  • mages are cool and kit is fine… but that also means there are the most of these alts in my guild and I don’t really feel pressed to level this up - especially now that living flame has been nerfed for solo play farming.

-Enh is fotm and is obviously the most attractive alt to level right now; but who wants to start over with 0 gold, 0 banks, 0 everything on a different server (unless its everyone in the case of a fresh launch) just to have an enjoyable alt experience?

Imo runes are too tied to specs as just an “added capstone” instead of something that could just be an overall integral benefit to the class. (doing that would be more difficult than just saying as much)

hoping based on the tweet from the 17th that Aggrend intends to share some p3 news with us within the next day or two

I snorted a little bit. GG.

You don’t, it’s okay

They claim because the Steady Shot wasn’t buffed enough, there was no update at all.

Which absolutely the dumbest hot take one can take.

Especially since there was more to the update than just that one thing:

Now, if you want to claim they didn’t do enough on that update, you’d have no complaint from me - but that isn’t what they were accused of: they were accused of no patch notes/updates since March 5th, which is demonstrably false.

Yesterday marked the first time that there was no update or balance pass of any kind in a week.


Only people that want so desperately to be right think that literally.

Obviously they made changes, but not enough for anyone to change what is currently happening or what they’re doing in game. It shows they don’t know what they’re doing and/or don’t care. People want meaningful, thought-out changes.

Sure, you’re right… but no one cares. It’s been two weeks since a real change in-game has occurred. What a disgrace.

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People have been making the same complaints about blizz for 15 years. If your spouse cheated on you 1000 times and you kept telling them not to I mean, who is really to blame?
Just unsubscribe from the game like the millions of other people who have self-respect and let blizzards suck the whales dead dry. Don’t be one of the whales and continue to pay your subscription when you’re not getting anything for it that you deem Worth It

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This has to be the only fanbase that somehow expects updates on the week every week and somehow still expects other work to get done. There’s limited bandwidth people and even if there wasn’t sometimes things just take longer to change. Yall are always freaking out about how they don’t know the effects of their changes, but if they take time to test them suddenly the sky is falling and it’s abandoned. Grow up, and find something else to do for a bit or god help us actually quit and save us your drivel.

They did say there would be balance updates every week, which they’ve kept to. But people making threads on a Tuesday because there hasn’t been an update is ridiculous. Week had barely begun.

Blizz needs to be careful making any kind of statement like ‘we’ll follow a weekly schedule’ because these entitled crybabies will throw a fit any time they feel like they’re being ignored. The analogies are hysterical. Blizz is your cheating spouse now. :rofl:

And then when there is an update, they’ll throw a fit about that. I think Aggrend realizes these forum dwellers don’t matter.

deadge, feelsbadman.

Words are what they are:

They made changes on March 12th. 8 days is not 2 weeks.

Again: if you want to say that they didn’t make the changes that you want, that’s fine. But you cannot say they made no changes for two weeks. The facts are clear and open for everyone to check the date of the last adjustment they made.

Good bye felicia

Says the Nostalrius bootlicker. Their work was barely above Feenix, and was buggy as all hell.

Not to mention the joke about running with “pre-1.12” items (which they did not get right) yet keeping 1.12 talents and class balance.

gee, they should release a patch every week where they buff or nerf 10+ things by 1 damage each :expressionless: you’d be super impressed I’m sure

Back to my last response, first sentence.

yeah they should probably make sure not to promise things they can’t keep up with… :expressionless:

I think you meant to reply to Boolossus, not me.

You’re obviously a troll and no longer worth my time.