No tuning this week?

I mean kind of

The biggest issue with aff is you not only have to get ua out, but you also have to cast rapture to amp it

Agony doesn’t last particularly long with the removal of the shadowlands conduit which means it will often fall off, but it is both a stacking dot and a shard generator

The difference between aff and other specs is you will never feel like you’re doing close to your max dmg (which is spooky cuz ur dps is probably pretty high anyway) which leaves to a gcd starved play style while trying to juke 3 kicks from the other team

There is never any downtime, it isn’t good to cast fear if you have any dots out, and everyone knows kicking shadow cucks you

The spec needs a redesign it is not healthy to play or play against

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No further PvP updates until 10.2, sorry.

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They been tuning every 2 weeks. So id expect something on Thursday/Friday of this week to get posted.

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who is the affliction warlock that bullied this man so we can give him a medal

Yea, Affliction locks are doing way more than Boomies, and also tankier. Actually all 3 lock specs are tanky.

The boomy nerfs are coming no matter how much you deflect

Ya that’s fine. Ive said in dozens of places that i think cyclone and spread cleave can all be targets for nerfs.

Yes, but right now ppl have to suffer more while waiting for them to send out those nerfs

Dont think we will see any big changes at least until more people get their 2 set…we saw tier lists change in season 1 with some specs tier being better than others and no doubt it will be the same this season.

There arent any big enough outliers to warrant a hotfix…though i wouldnt mind if sub and enhance burst was toned down slightly.

oh bet? :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

I do actualy feel like this is the case atm.
Seems like every spec has a viable and strong comp.

The only class im worried about being too strong is sub rogue.
Enh/boomy/lock/sp all same tier of strong.
Fury war hunter feral all honorable mentions.

every spec feels strong except arms, outlaw, ret, ww, frost dk, and arcane

devoker is overtuned with buggy damage that dont add up

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Arms feels fine, just weaker than fury. Def “bottom tier” with dh and dk as a standalone class, but arms turbo and arms wps are still getting Ws.
I think ret is still strong, but really needs a hunter instead of being good with anything.

No idea about outlaw or arcane because i really havent seen either. I imagine theyre both fine, but why would you ever play either over sub/fire.

Oh, and fdk as the frost dragon comp is still just as good as it was.

The current dev team is worthless.

Hello? /10char

Hi! How are ya?

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Well it’s Friday, let’s see if they will have any class tunings later today, or we’ll have to suffer another week

To make sense, DH has to be the melee with the annoying mobility. To compensate, they are the easiest to root.
Hunter has the toolkit for that

Yeah where is the biweekly tuning, hope they dont fall off again. They spend time posting stupid updates to tell us what theyre going to do instead of just doing stuff i guess.

My advice — don’t look.