No Resolution for Teldrassil, at all

This never happened and you know it lol


Oh no, of course not. Being right sucks - especially when people blow right over the event horizons that some of these revelations represent and ask that we shift our expectations to regard the current situation as reasonable in order to claim that things are fine - especially when those people established the event as such an inflection point before it actually happened.

I’ve watched it happen so many times. This will be no different.


It most certainly did. After Arthas left the sundered remains of Lordaeron, the now undead citizens of the city sought to reconnect with their comrades in the Alliance, their embassies were met with a cry for their extermination as the living Humans lumped the with the Scourge that had killed their living bodies.

As the Alliance had Forsaken them, so they renamed themselves.


Again, this literally never happened. One of the reasons the story is such a mess right now, particularly regarding Sylvanas and the Forsaken, is because of people making stuff up out of thin air like you are and treating it as fact.

In fact, the moment that Sylvanas named them the Forsaken was in TFT, literally immediately after she and her undead followers had betrayed and murdered the last significant Alliance remnants in northern Lordaeron. It was they who forsook the Alliance, not the other way around.


Just out of curiosity, how do you know at the end of SL since the jailer is seemingly getting involved in time/reality altering stuff, that Teldrassil isn’t going to somehow be restored as well as every night elf that died there? If the power to alter time and change the past comes into play, Teldrassil can very well be restored as well as many other things. Wait to see what happens!

[Night Elf Thread] Don't tell me to wait and see ever again

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I stand by what I said. :slight_smile: This story isn’t over. Your precious Teldrassil may not yet be forever doomed if time stuff comes into play.

Stares at Gilneas and laughs in Worgen Blizzard is doing everything they can to get people to stop caring about teldrassil. And redeeming Sylvanas is only the latest ploy they’re using :wolf:

Can you just give me a time frame? I mean, I’ve been waiting for eleven years for my redemptive Night Elf moment.

Is it going to be fifteen? Twenty? Does that sound in line with your expectations?


Probably 20 I’d say. Long as blizz keeps approving trash tier Sylvanas fan fiction :wolf:

20 more or 20 total?

20 more. At least. And that’s just to remind blizz that both communities haven’t gotten their Feel Good moment.

(Stormheim was cool and all, but it’s rendered irrelevant with the newest cinematic) :wolf:

I would say by the end of SL because right now is when all this stuff is happening. Apparently this is a very big build up to a very big outcome. Teldrassil may have been necessary to build up story arcs enough to then build upon what happens at the end of SL. I really do think Teldrassil is going to be restored once the sepulcher of knowledge is found.

That’s quite a prediction there, and your predecessors have all been wrong about similar claims.

Are you sure you want to commit to this?

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I waited 17 years for a Sylvanas soul manipulation story arch.


Commit to what? This is just my opinion about what I think will happen. This isn’t as important to me as others. Night elves are one of my favorite races in WoW and the Teldrassil incident didn’t bother me nearly as much as it did others.

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Why does it feel irrelevant now?


Personally I’m gonna cling to Stormheim as much as I can before it too is retroactively ruined because so far it’s the one time that Sylvanas actually lost and the loss wasn’t spun into a victory somehow

With Sylvanas redemption now :100: percent confirmed, it just feels that Genn making a dent in her plans lead to nothing. Which it ultimately did. :wolf:

I think that kinda already happened as soon as Blizzard announced that she could just get more val’kyr from the jailer.

Come to think of it, I’m wondering if the whole “I needed them to keep the forsaken going” was already soft-retconned since the jailer started luring them from the Halls of Valor and pinching them to respawn her val’kyr anyway.

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