<No Refunds> Raiding and Community Guild - Heroic and Mythic

Hey all, Gloombolts here! I help run the Alliance guild on Stormrage - US. Scroll down to raid days and times if you are in a rush! We understand!

Our guild is filled with a bunch of returning veteran raiders from previous expansions with some server first kills in different parts of World of Warcraft’s history. We tell you this not to gloat, but to assure you of our credibility as raiders.

About us: We would classify our guildmates as Semi-Hardcore raiders. We all have a ton of experience under our belts. We aren’t brand new. We also aren’t elitist, toxic, sexist, racist, we don’t age discriminate, (most of us are older), we don’t yell, scream, or harass people here. Not big on guilt tripping, getting political on people, griefing, putting others down. But please don’t misunderstand our message here. We still want you to be yourselves, joke around, troll us a little. Have a good time here, make friends! We are a raiding guild, yes, but also a community guild. We strive to bring back that old school Classic WoW and Burning Crusade feel where everyone knows each other and we do more than just getting on every week to raid.

We have 75 (seventy-five) raiders and are looking to fill 5 more spots and a couple replacements for our 4 raid groups. We are also building group 5. Group 6 will be made in the future.

Group 1 is locked.

Group 2 needs a warlock, elemental shaman,
unholy death knight, assassination rogue, and a fire mage. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays - 9 pm EST to Midnight EST - This group is 12/12 Heroic and pushing mythic. Raid attendance is a must for this group. No exceptions.

Group 3 needs an Unholy or Frost Death Knight and a Demon Hunter. Thursdays and Fridays - 7 pm EST to 10 pm EST - This group is 12/12 Heroic and they’ll be farming heroic for a couple more weeks. Then pushing mythic.

Group 4 needs a Resto Shaman for slot 1. For slot 2 a Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk. Wednesdays and Thursdays - 8:30 pm EST to 11:30 pm EST - This group is 9/12 Heroic due to having to pug healers. They will be further along once we find two healers that fit this group. We hope to hear from you soon!

Group 5 is in the works now! Fridays and Saturdays. It will be in the evening. We have not come up with times for this group. However don’t hesitate to reach out. The least we can do is tell you what the group decides. If they work for you! Join up with us! This group is locked on Tanks and Healers currently.

Seeking Ranged:
Frost Mage
Fire Mage
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid
Elemental Shaman

Seeking Melee:
Unholy or Frost Death Knight
Assassination Rogue
Feral Druid
Survival Hunter
Enhancement Shaman
Demon Hunter

Guild related events: Right now we are setting up our Mythic Plus Tank and Healer Council. - This position is for Tanks and Healers who either:

A) Have no time to raid.
B) Have no desire to raid ever and just want to push keys.
C) Are tired of trying to time keys with pugs.
D) Push really high keys now and in Shadowlands.

We want to have ten mythic plus tanks and healers at this time!

Mythic Plus Tanks that we have:

  1. Brewmaster Monk
  2. Blood Death Knight
  3. Vengeance Demon Hunter
  4. Guardian Druid
  5. Protection Warrior

Mythic Plus tanks that we are currently seeking:

  1. Protection Paladin
  2. Another Vengeance Demon Hunter
  3. Another Blood Death Knight
  4. Another Guardian Druid
  5. Another Protection Warrior

Mythic Plus healers that we have:

  1. Restoration Druid
  2. Restoration Druid

Mythic Plus healers that we are currently seeking:

  1. Restoration Shaman
  2. Restoration Shaman
  3. Holy Priest
  4. Disc Priest
  5. Holy Paladin
  6. Holy Paladin
  7. Mist Weaver Monk
  8. Mist Weaver Monk

For Mythic Plus Tanks and Healers, you get your own channel in discord. Leading Guildmmates to victory based on a very organized schedule sheet we are creating that is 47% completed at this time.

Outside of Raiding and Mythic Plus

We have a PvP Officer setting up Guild Battleground runs, and will eventually be creating arena teams for those who desire to get in the ring.

Down the road T-Mog runs as a guild, achievement runs as a guild, Feats of Strength achievements as a guild.

Outside of raid For those who just came back to BFA, we run old raids, arenas, and BGs to help you catch up on your essences, leveling your cloak, understanding your class, corruptions, best in slot gear, etc. So don’t hesitate to seek us out! Will help you if you want to join us!

Raid Attendance Here at No Refunds, we appreciate people’s real life schedules over World of Warcraft. Whether it’s a demanding job even during this scary pandemic, marriage, kids, or you just need to take a mental health day. All you have to do is @ us in your specific discord chat channel. The raid leader, raid assist, officer, and raiders all know at the same time you can’t make it. - This mindset for the guild is for Normal and Heroic Raiding - Mythic is full attendance and on time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless a real life emergency occurs. The Mythic Raid team will understand! Real life > WoW.

Guess what? You won’t be benched, replaced, yelled at, drama bombed, none of that stuff. You just come back the next day or next week. Going on a vacation, wedding, job schedule shift? No problem! Just @ us in your respective raid channel the days and times you’ll be gone and when you get back. Will see you when you get back! That’s it! Simple as that.

@ing us in the right discord channel for your raid group is our one rule in guild though. If you can’t @ us in your respective channel days ahead of time or hours ahead of time. We aren’t going to remove you from guild. However these groups are farming heroic for mythic or pushing mythic. So if you want to mythic raid here, it isn’t going to get dramatic, but we are Semi-Hardcore. That means when it’s raid time, it’s raid time. If you are in a normal or heroic group, people can manage, but when the rosters are locked for Mythic, RAID TIME IS RAID TIME. No exceptions. So if you fail to get @ us in your respective channel, don’t show up to raid, are always late, etc. Don’t be shocked if you get replaced. We are not going to hold 19 people back because you can’t commit to a very simple structured rule set.

We understand if a real life emergency happens. That is way more important than WoW. But do not mistake us, if real life emergencies are happening every week, every raid day, we will eventually ask you to take a (temporary) seat. So please don’t take offense, we have raiders to look out for.

Loot Rules We don’t have any. We just suggest you help your fellow raid members. Example: You get three or four best in slot pieces in one night. If one of them is another raider’s best in slot. Give them one piece. Be the bigger person. No one is going to force you to give away that piece. Just be cool. Be an adult, a team player and help progress as a guild and raid group. Again, simple as that!

Did you like what you read, but saw no spot for your main class and spec? Don’t fret! We are building two more raid groups. So don’t hesitate to reach out, we would be happy to hear from you!

Alts We don’t have an issue with alts. However we are still in the organization phase of the raid groups, mythic plus organization for the entire guild, and the other elements of our guild stated above. All of our alts are in a separate guild. Every guild member has the add on GreenWall. So we can still communicate and know who’s who when it comes time to focus on our mains. Down the road we will make a couple altoholic raid groups. That’s the only part on the back burner for now.

Closing statements We plan on having 6-7 raid groups in Shadowlands all pushing mythic content for every tier of the expansion. About 18-20 mythic plus groups taking guildmates to finish keys. After we accomplish this task, the guild plans on locking down those rosters and groups. We are organized with the goal of downing content in a timely manner. We don’t intend to grow any larger than that. We don’t want to become a super guild. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

Please message Gloombolts, Peq, Thermalbot, Solemn, Nightmare, Ardie, and Kluknk If you want to talk with us on the server Stormrage - US (Alliance).

You can add me on real ID: Rhyan#11764
Discord: Venris#3529

Have a good day everyone!

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Greetings! If you want a chill guild that still takes progression seriously then you should check No Refunds out!

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We are always looking for quality people. Come join us!

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It’s a good day to farm Mythic+'s.

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