No Realms in Classic?

So, I JUST downloaded the Classic client (at the time of writing this), and when I load it up, enter my info, it states No realms are currently available WoW 51900309. Is anyone having the same issue, and dear god help let me play classic.

If you can’t see realms, but also have the Beta & Stress Test client on the launcher, then you were selected for stress testing and don’t have full beta access.

Theres another stress test you should have access to in a few days, you can read about it here WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29


Yup same thing for me. I so want beta access, but given that blizz asked for us to dicuss things, Im starting to realize that those of us that like to forum are in a way beta testing by hashing things out that you cant easily do while playing lol.