No one wants to Mythic raid, it's bad

hey, i dunno if you know this, but 5 people is less than 20 people. also 3 bosses are less than 12 bosses. not sure if you knew that already but i hope that helps. have a great day.

Mythic + sucks sorry but it is true. It is not even creative.

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It is true in your opinion, my opinion is that it is great. We can both be right.

Wiping 100 times on the same boss >_> I mean Dark Souls is popular, Nothing but death in those games!

The biggest problem with mythic raiding is accessibility.

  • mythic lockout shouldn’t exist

  • cross realm and faction should be open from day one

  • guilds need to be cross faction

Yes, from +11 they scale up the difficulty with 10% per level instead of 8% per level and the rewards go up to +20.

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“Its for the people with no lives who do nothing but play WoW.” Fixed it for you.

Alot of people do like mythic raiding OP, myself included, but I get where you’re coming from.

I raided mythic casually, meaning I was not in a top guild or anything like that, just raided 2 days (6 hours/week). Most of the time the guild would get 50-80% of the bosses down before calling it quits for the tier. A couple of times we managed to get CE.

End of the day, as good as the loot was, the most I took from it and the most fun I had was actually raiding with the 19 other people in Discord and interacting with my guild. That’s what raiding is when all is said and done. Enjoying downing the boss with the other members of your group and when you do content with the same people over and over, it becomes more enjoyable since you make good friends along the way.

The problem is to have a remote chance of defeating mythic bosses (especially near the end or end bosses in the raid instance) you need a coordinated group of people in Discord. This is a hard stop for any player without a mythic guild. There is no chance to successfully pug and one thing I never really understood about the way WoW went is: Why are the high-level encounters so reliant on external addons?

Everyone has DBM/Big Wigs, Weak Auras, etc… Does it say something about the boss encounters when they can’t be successfully completed on the highest difficulty without a third-party addon?

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With so few people doing mythic raiding, I think this should be open across factions.

I am okay with all other raids / content being locked to a faction. It’s not an issue at lower level. But for mythics it should be open for all. If you can get 19 others together who can synergize and down the content, then have at it.

I think the devs mentioned this.; The Archimond fight was so reliant on third party addons and they said they wanted to step back from that.

It’s a tough thing IMO. You need to make difficult content, but you also need it to be doable with no addons, but also make it so addons don’t trivialize it. There is no real way to accomplish all of that.

At this stage, Blizz would do well to just make these third party addons baled into the game. Now everyone has them. If they want, they can disable them. Then you can create content that relies heavily on addons and not worry about accessibility.

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I agree, Blizz is in a tough spot now. Over the years so many people have become accustomed to addons that it’s tough to take them away at this point. I know I love using DBM, Weak Auras, ElvUI, etc… myself and would miss them alot if they were taken away, despite my comment earlier about why the boss encounters are designed around them.

Another issue I have is that Blizz seems to design the mythic raid content for the World First race and then tinker with the mechanics and bosses later to bring them down to most players levels. Basing the initial mythic raid difficulty around the top 0.01% of raiders just doesn’t make sense. It seems like a lazy cop-out. These are people who research fights in alpha/beta, run split raids to optimize gear, are the most skilled players, and spend hundreds of hours on attempts the first 2-4 weeks of a new raid tier.

It just doesn’t seem realistic for the majority of mythic raiders (most are adults with jobs) to have to put that much time in over the course of a whole tier for a chance at CE.

that’s not accurate at all. most mythic raiders are not the RWF types, and most of them don’t play insane hours once RWF is over either.

What they really need to do is bring back mythic 10 man. Tune it to about 75% of 20 man difficulty (or so), and give us our game back.

10 is too small. it should be fixed at 14.

edit: i forgot one of my friends isn’t playing DF. it should be fixed at 13, the perfect size.

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Good point about LOTR.

People always point at WildStar focusing on raiding being why it failed (ignoring the rushed release, buggy launcy, it not working with certain video cards, and also ignoring it had the best and most intricate housing systems in any game ever that was built for casuals), but they always ignore all the solo player and casual focused MMORPGs that have also failed.

Focusing exclusively on casuals is not a recipe for success either.


10 man does not work with class buff meta. People that are upset they don’t get brought to 5 mans would have even less chance getting into 10 mans if they aren’t on a mandatory buff class.

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Wildstar actually had good end game content along with some awesome casual content as well. I think the art style, some of the most catastrophic bugs I have ever seen in a game and the control scheme did Wildstar in.

Wildstar ran like crap even on high end machines. I had fun while it lasted though.

Trying to design raid style content around 5 mans is even worse. I think we’re going to see even less customization with 20+ being the new 15s.

Mythic sucks so get rid of lfr…. What?

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How about if we don’t shill for what we like personally and advocate for a game that makes good content for all types of players? I loathe raiding but I have never advocated for less of it. I have zero interest in the ADHD repetition of M+, but I want you to be able to do it.

It’s terribly immature to think that what you like personally is the only good way. Honestly that’s what is wrong with the U.S.: We are all trying to take personal choices away from other people and make them behave the way we want them to. If they don’t make the same choices as we do, we name-call them and threaten them and try to get the government to force them to do what we want.

Freedom means you get to decide what you like to do as long as it doesn’t harm someone else. Raiders and M+ players aren’t hurting me so I am all for them being able to do their thing. Because I’m, yanno, a grown-up.

I’m so tired of seeing this parroted on these forums. Why must people drag their dumb politics into this discussion?

Gamers flaming each other on forums has been a thing since gaming forums were invented.

People flaming each other in real life has been a thing since humans learn to talk, probably even before this.

Sorry to call you out here, but I just can’t stand when people bring up this
“We are all trying to take personal choices away from other people and make them behave the way we want them to.” argument.

Humans have been trying to force other humans to do stuff since forever. You just probably grew up in a very sheltered part of America and never experienced real oppression.

Then just don’t play it and stop at the end of normal or heroic. I don’t see why we have to axe content just because you dont want to play it.