No new form for feral druid? Mage tower 9.1.5

Is anyone else a little annoyed that guardian is getting a new form from the original mage tower while feral is left in the dark? I was really hoping they would release one closer to the 9.1.5 launch day but it would appear we only get the transmog after completing it.

Let me know what your thoughts are, and what colors you guys would have liked to see.

I would have loved to see a blackish/shadow color. Would have been fitting for the expansion.


I really feel like there should have been a fel version of sparkle kitty for people who missed it. Customization of forms does kind of suck outside of Legion and sparkle kitty is pretty.

I get that’s not a unique model like werebear, but still. As it stands for feral you get like…nothing from the Mage Tower now.

A recolored set you can wear for the…times you’re sitting around doing nothing isn’t exactly rewarding yanno? Guardian gets a new form, every other spec in the world gets an outfit they can wear/see all the time(…even if you have to glyph of stars it up) and then there’s feral.

“Here’s your outfit for while you’re AFK’ing in town I guess”

Edit: Though I’m not sure the recolor will actually show up differently than the normal set while using glyph of stars really. So balance may not be winning either.


I am just as surprised to be honest…
Granted, bear is like #1 M+ tank rn, and feral is by far the least played dps (in M+ at least), but still…it really should have been added as well.

Nah, I’m happy . Keep that form unique.

Like they did werebear….oh yeah.

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Forms druids need:

  • Fel sparkle kitty
  • Mana saber form like we had as a Suramar disguise
  • Fandral Staghelm’s giant armored flame kitty as a tanking form.

I would be a little annoyed but then I look at boomkins with their Zero options and I Feel a little bit better.

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I’m feral and I spend a lot of time in bear (lol bursty pvp), but aesthetically it’s my preferred form anyway. I love rockbear!

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I want a spectral Xhul’horac colored kitty that cycles between fel and void.

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I don’t particularly care, personally. More character customization is never bad, but who knows what went into the decision.

I still need to unlock all the feral druid forms but a new one would be cool.

You cannot unlock them all anymore. That’s why they made a reskin of the guardian one and why people want the same move for feral.

Probably because feral is the least popular/ played spec (blizzard’s fault) while guardian is one of the most played and so they don’t want to make mogs for the minority.

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Only if you earned a base mage tower appearance during Legion can you unlock the other tints. Other non mage tower appearances are still available.

Blizzard: If you wanted special forms for feral you should have played Legion. Otherwise, too bad. Currently, we(Blizzard) are incapable of adding new feral druid forms with new relevant challenges to unpack them.

If you want new customization options, please see the many/various options we are providing for other races.

Also Blizzard: EXCEPT for the werebear form. If you missed that in Legion here is a chance to get a version of it again. It was too special to miss.

See the contradiction?





The real crime here is boomies still don’t have any form choices because “you have astral form”. Silly excuse for a lazy team.


It’s just a reskin and feral is not a dead spec.

The whole point in offering a mage tower appearance to druids again is because we only have a handful to begin with.

Well there reasoning was that the werebear is “unique”, which is true, but unique is subjective. To me, a ghost-esque catform that sparkles is unique.