No New Customizations is the "Don't you guys have phones" of 2021

Don’t pull nonsense out of your rear. If that’s what they would be doing they would’ve said so and they would have a plan. They aren’t even working on the problems of the game and making it only worse.

No and they don’t work to go back on track. In fact most changes they showed are making it worse.

That’s so stupid, it’s hard to find a response. We want to know what they are doing. If they would have changed their plans, they would’ve said it. They never had any plans, they don’t have any.
Why are you simping for this greedy company?

Because of greed. Nothing more.

Yeah sure. Like everything else. Slow clap


ohh well idk what op is specifiing but a clear example would be Troll beards. not only does voljin have a beard who has been our faction leader for a long long time, but most art work (hearthstone not like fan stuff) and even some cinematics(if u pause at the ravendreath troll u see he has a beard also the TBC cinamatic troll also has a beard) that portray trolls have beards.

its odd they didnt add that but continue to show beards on trolls.

if ur refering to what blizzard did recently look at the QA, they said no new customizations this expac when ion said that they are going to continue working on it throughout the expac.


But that’s not what this thread is about. It’s not about specifics. It’s about the fact that some races have gotten almost nothing and Blizz said they’d keep working on it in Shadowlands and now they’re just not doing anything at all. We have races from three years ago with four skin tones and four hair colors, compared to humans with countless choices— even Velfs got a bunch of choices, which were released at the same time three years ago. People were looking forward to more options for their characters that they love, only to be disappointed.

Specifics are unimportant. Most right now couldn’t care less which hairstyle someone was getting. Now they aren’t getting any.


Yep. Just hit that unsubscribe button myself over this and once my sub runs out I’ll be done with SL. I don’t play anything but casually anyways so I can say I’ve been disenchanted for a bit but the RP community and fun side activities have always left me with my sub running. First time I’ll have unsubscribed in about 8 years. I can deal with content droughts, I can deal with really badly implemented systems. But take away my hope for customization, hurt me and the rest of the RP community with deceit and I’ll be taking my money elsewhere until they reconsider. Seems lately the game isn’t worth playing until the .3 final patch anyways as it takes them that long to fix things.


i mean lets be real here. this is a ‘can void elves PLEASE get normal hair colors thread’ or it will turn into one

you know, because what they want is already available just on the wrong faction and they deserve it on top of their 8 unique void themed colors that reflect you know, being a void elf

To be fair, they are just now finally fixing the whole spine clipping through undeads cloaks thing. Heck, they never went and fixed all the issues with worgens during the cataclysm-bfa iteration that had literally teeths clipping out of their mouths and weird body horror type body stretching with certain animations. D: So who knows when they will actually fix em.

Honestly, Blizzard should just shamelessly let the community fix the bugs or do the customization for them if they show they are capable of doing so, with the main art teams approval before going through with it. You see threads all over the forums addressing all these character specific bugs and customizations with their own sub list of things to add in to the customization list. Heck let me take a crack at it Blizzard. Add me to the dedicated worgen community art team. I’ll add in some of the cool worgen options people post in threads such as this one myself. ;D


You’re the only one here saying this. You can make your own thread about that crap.

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what thing did they specifically ask for?

this thread is for everyone, whether it be troll beards, the badly needed nightborne custimization, elf tattoos, worgen tails.

theres plently of new things people been asking about for a LOOONG time.

ina game this popular, with other MMOs having better customizations, this is an important part of MMOs.

no one cares if u dont see the big deal. other people put time and effort into something and dont want to just quit they would rather voice what they want.


dude you barely got any too. you still have 1 headpiece and a random triangle on head with no options to really change it. It’s not cool to have such mediocrity and be complacent, while others don’t get anything. female taurens have 4 faces. We didn’t even get taunka faces. Embarrassing.


And your response is why it’s so hard to argue this. You are bitter because you didn’t get what you want, you aren’t thinking rationally. You bend things that the devs have said to match what you want. They mislead, and that’s scummy. But they never said they were going to add anything more in this xpac. They have literally said their main priority is gameplay and content. And that customizations would be a continued focus, continued means ongoing. Not “this very moment”

Wow that is bad, i’ve been too busy this weekend to follow blizzcon online, i’m trying to get the fast lowdown through wowhead etc But seriously? What about simple things that require little to no dev resources but that would go a LONG way with the community… LIKE opening up xmog restrictions!!! Let us mog holiday items year long, let us mog grey and white items etc. People would be happy we got SOMETHING and blizzard would just have to flick a switch so to speak to make it happen.

Why blizzard… whyyyyy?!

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Don’t you guys even like the game? If I was so concerned about the appearance of my character I wouldn’t even play WoW.

I think you are out of touch OP. They gave us a lot of new customization already, I am mystified why you think they should give more.

I want none of that, so you don’t speak for the ‘community’. I actually don’t know what you guys do in the game but I prefer to have fun content, not grindy because they are making pretty makeup dolls play for people.

McDonald’s has more customizable hamburgers than WOW has for our characters.


It’s all been in poor taste, their wording left no promises but it left people hoping. And that’s why I think we have this big uproar we have right now. People were hoping the poor wording was for what they wanted, and when it wasn’t it caused issue. Which is very understandable and I’m with it completely, I think they need to work on that and the way they did it was scummy. But that doesn’t make what they said any different. And I appreciate your being civil, it’s refreshing. Usually people just say “He has so little posts he’s not as good as me”. So respect for that.

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I don’t eat at Macdonalds but I seriously doubt that.

And there’s the belf.

They can add ketchup to ANY of their burgers. In WOW I can’t even get the same tendrils as a regular dranie even though it’s the same model.


You ever mess around with the black desert online creator? Even for a game that’s ten years old already, that thing is scary powerful. You can make exact clones of celebrities.

Anne Hathaway

Jon Snow

Benedict Cumberbatch

I’m not saying wow should have this ability, I know the engine difference. I know it’s impossible. But I am saying that this is what the competitors are offering. Wow needs to step up and not ignore character customization.


I literally only decided to do mythic Nyalotha to get the mog set so I wouldn’t have to wait 2+ years go to start farming it easily.

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