No New Allied Races in Dragonflight CONFIRMED!

The issue really just falls on Blizzard, the community been asking for more Unique Races forever but it seems they deaf ears.

Customisations was all the talk in Shadowlands personally one of the reasons that got me excited I thought this is truely something that’s great and the potential is limitless, it can be expanded insanely to truely make the character feel unique to the player, bringing a great RPG experience, but that sort of fell short…

I think Dracythr customisations maybe be the future we get for further customisations on other races but who knows when that happens. Time will tell I guess, especially about getting future unique playable races… Time will tell.

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I would honestly rather them expand race/class combos…

Druids for all, demon hunters for all, shamans for all.


Imagine we get Drakonid allied neutral race that can be most classes.

so you want more netural ones

That would be a no

To cross-pollinate a little… I agree:

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There might be more later. :3
I’m just happy we got one tbh.

Just like there are no “current” plans for housing, or whatever else they want to tamp down discontent regarding by not completely putting the hopes of the playerbase in the grave.

Did you also believe that your parental figures were actually considering whatever they say, “We’ll see!” to? Ion chooses his language carefully and specifically to curtail harsh reactions to the news being delivered.

There’s a reason why WoW isn’t a RPG anymore because they really focus on endgame too much instead of a RPG World.

Which becomes problematic when the very geography of the world is designed to suit the needs of the quest design team, rather than the quest design team taking a look at the world and wondering what kinds of stories they can tell within it.

would you rather have naga or murloc for alliance

Naga. Yeah.

would you make a murloc/


Dracthyr is a new race.

Evoker is a new class.

what do envokers do

Vulpera already happened.

And let’s be real…some of the allied races would have been better served as customization options to existing races: Highmountain tauren, lightforge draeni, Maghar Orcs, mechagnomes . Im fine with more races, but if Blizzatd is going to add more at least make them different enough from races we already have.


I’m okay with this. Especially if the time that would have been used on Allied races into content.

Only if you look at it completely superficially. There are significant cultural differences that the Allied Races possess that set them apart from the “core” races.

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