No more post preview?

(Maizou) #1

Is this an issue on my end, or a forum update thing?

If I hover over a topic, I no longer get a small preview of what the first few sentences in the topic says.

It only started a few days ago, but I didn’t change anything on my end, so I’m curious if this was part of the update with the system quote removing thing or is this something that I somehow caused on my end or what?


This seems to be working for me. Are you still having issues?

(Tewa) #3

This suddenly stopped appearing for me, today. So when I hover over a topic, it doesn’t show the first lines of text. Was working for forever, up through last night, then stopped today.


If you haven’t, I’d try a different Internet Browser. It’s working for me.

(Maizou) #5

Yea, it stopped working on Chrome, but it works fine in Firefox.

I’m not sure why it stopped in Chrome though. :confused: