No Map at lions den

Hey guys I have lions watch so I am assuming I did the tanaan jungle quest to get it However I do not have the planning map that is suppose to be on the command table in Lions Den?? Any idea what I am missing, I have been looking for missing quests and doing other dailys but I have no clue what I could be missing or doing wrong. Can you get Lions watch and not that map because you need to do a certain quest?? I thought once you got lions watch u got the map automatically

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I have the same issue. The 4 pre.req. quests done (through Commander in the Field) and no table. Did this get figured out. Anyone please tell me what I am missing (bc I feel like it’s obvious…somehow). Thank you.

I had a similar issue but somehow I had missed completing “Commander in the Field”.
I went back and picked up “Commander in the Field” from Exarch Maladar at the Iron Front (/way 9.87 53.57).
Completed it, turned it in and the table gave me the daily quest.