No longer looking

Pretty much any time works. I’m currently on Tichondrius. My raiding xp is 3/12M Nyalotha, 3/8M EP, 5/8M Uldir, and 7/9M BfD with Cutting Edge Jaina. I quit a lot during raid tiers because of irl things. I’m looking for a non-toxic (no sjw crap but no angsty teens) community filled with fun people to raid with. If me using the word retard offends anyone, don’t invite me, I really don’t want drama lol. I don’t have a lot of M+ experience but I’d like to do keys with my guildmates so that I can improve. I’ve gotten AOTC for nearly every raid tier since MoP. I also have a priest alt on horde side too and have mained rdruid and priest before. Discord tag is Arachnosnatch#7358.

The discord did not work for me sadly. Says you aren’t taking friend requests.