(No longer active)

Dragalia Lost is a guild made in homage of the gacha game of the same name. It is a casual guild participating in all aspects of the game with a focus on RP. Everyone is welcome to join. The guild will be cross-faction once that option becomes available.

In-character, Dragalia Lost is an expeditionary force led by Mazakaga Ironhorn at the behest of her mentor and benefactor, Ebonhorn (also known as the black dragon, Ebyssian). The goals of the coalition are to help foster the bond between mortals and dragonkind as the guardians of Azeroth and explore the newly discovered Dragon Isles (or any other places of interest).

Out-of-character, the guild is a casual RP and PvE guild for those looking for something smaller scale with no expectations or requirements regarding activity level. We do ask that all members are civil, helpful and kind in relation to all aspects of the game.

Please contact Mazakaga with any questions. Thanks!

omg, I use to love dl especially with daoko’s lovely music. it’s a shame it’s getting closed down though. :confused: good luck on your recruiting. ^^/

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Dragalia Lost is seeking founding members for our caravan and expedition to the Dragon Isles. Are you a mercenary, adventurer, scholar, explorer, entrepreneur or just a wayward soul in need of comrades? Consider joining Dragalia Lost!

Come discover the Dragon Isles and renew the bonds between mortals and dragonkind.

The current plan is to host story-circle, caravan and market style events in the upcoming expansion and beyond.