No longer able to used crafted items

So I made crafted gloves 385 gloves like two months ago and I can no longer wear them unless I switch and level up tailoring. Uh, what utter non-sense. Why allow me to craft this crap in the first place? I have nothing to replace it with now. It has trashed my dps and my gearscore. The amount of sanguine cells and expulsom I had to farm alone should make them fix this. Anyone else experiencing this crap?

Shouldn’t this be in the Bug Report section and not a Realm section ??

That is a shame. I ran into a similar issue after taking an extended leave from the game. I’ve got all my toons at 'bout the same level - so they craft for each other. Well you can only wear 3 of something for the older releases. So there went 200 plus once a day materials only to end up vendoring the items.

Live and learn.

Hmm maybe this’ll work?