No LFD - what a joke

So no definitive evidence? I saw those goalposts move really fast.

So now whataboutism

Once again people outraged talk more than those that aren’t. This isn’t new or meaningful

You may not accept you have nothing to back that up, but you don’t.

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And yet here you are, on their forums, still subbed, still paying Bobby’s salary. You’re happy to sit in the :poop: just so you have something to complain about. And for the record, I don’t care if they add it or not. Playing regardless. My point is, stop attacking people in an attempt to make them as miserable as you are because you can’t handle the idea that not everyone thinks or feels like you.

Again you may not realize it but youre backing a decision that was actually never put to vote by Blizzard, they have no polls or data to back up the claim you want. Their entire basis of why RDF isnt being put in is based off of a lie.

Save me the morale high ground.

Neither do you. You’re also claiming the majority with evidence you know people wont accept. Talk about whataboutism.

You know you don’t have that when you make the majority argument.

Then why not ask for a fair poll BY Blizzard?

You arent defending anything here, youre defending a company full of lies and deceits to make their shareholders happy.

I don’t believe QOL polls are useful. People would vote to make repairs free. Doesn’t mean it’s good for the game.

I want them to fix small servers with merges and xfers which would actually cost them money. LFD is more retail blizzard and in line with the company as it is. Saying I don’t want LFD isn’t a defence of Blizzard.

Out of curiousity or maybe i didnt read it, what is YOUR gripe with RDF?

I’ve stated it many times. I don’t want a soulless experience or mindless dungeon grinding. I want the devs to focus on actually creating real fixes for smaller servers instead of a bandaid fix that doesn’t help their raiding/economy. I don’t care if they add it alongside ICC.

These seem like 2 very different issues.

I doubt blizzard does anything to help servers.

RFD would allow people on low pop servers to actually have a chance to do dungeons.

You say “mindless” but if you put forth effort in a group and talked you dont think others would engage? You arent playing with robots even tho they have a different server tag.

Community is always what you make of it.

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Hes baiting you he wont change his position. He feigns ignorance but clearly lives in the forums and knows quite well the direction the wind is blowing here.

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i d0Nt wAnT a SouLLeS eXpeRieNcE
i d0Nt caRE iF BiZZlaRd aDDs a SouLLeS eXpeRieNcE s0 L0nG aS iT c0inCiDes WiTh IcC

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No reason people shouldn’t try. Especially those that pretend they want whats best for smaller servers using LFD as an excuse.

Lack of ever seeing them again kills it for me. I have had a much better experience and met far more people in classic. Seeing them again or taking their name down has been a good experience. In retail even if you talk everyone just ignores you. 0 incentive to do so.

I don’t live on the forums, look at the spacing on my post history. I come here when there’s positions I would like to provide feedback on. For me it’s mainly server xfers and merging. None of this is bait. Whether the forums always filled with outrage agrees with me or not.

They should allow the ability to que dungeons with people you made friends with on other servers.


Vast majority…aka the maybe 200 forums dwellers out of the hundreds of thousands of players lol.

That’s really the best answer. Classic players like the tedious grinds and sitting watching chat instead of playing. Let them have their space.

The Future of Warcraft Announcements -- Wrath Classic - #15 by Sixxfury-faerlina use this a data reference, since you wont believe outside polls by anti/pro RDF players.

its called SoM vanilla.

thats actually pretty good, make the Btag friends more mainstream

no lfd not buying a boost or playing there is no point to waste money in a dead raid log game by phase 2.

if they wait after launch to reverse it its to late the damage is done.

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