No Keys in Karazhan

I’ve tried running Karazhan several times, always getting stuck at Moroes because he never drops the keys I need to unlock the rest. I’ve tried bringing him down the stairs, and attacking him more slowly, but he never dropped the keys.

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The keys are on the floor.


I just killed him again. I looked all over the Banquet Hall. No keys.

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They are like right on the floor. You can’t miss them.


Interesting necrobump OP. Did you come to tell us that you found the keys?

Months later, I just killed him and cannot find the keys either.

The keys are on the floor where the boss was / is. Can’t miss them.

Here now doing this for secrets of Azeroth… no keys might have killed him too fast. Hope bliz can fix this as there’s tons outside now with same issues.

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Same here, no keys anywhere to be found and I let them all live for atleast 30 secs. Maybe will be there with reset tomorrow… if not, ticket time.

The keys aren’t from the boss, they’re just on the floor.

I have the same issue. I have run Karazhan on 3 different alts this past week and the keys have not dropped for any of them. I have been running Kara since 2010 and I know what the keys are supposed to look like on the floor - they are not there. On one alt I purposely did not pick up the Kirin Tor quest for Secrets - still no drop. So just stuck.

The keys didn’t spawn on the floor for me after I killed him either, but I was still able to complete the secrets of Azeroth event clue without looting them. Did you try to continue without them?

I’m on week 2 of trying to do this part of the Secrets of Azeroth. Tried resetting constantly. Only once did the keys show, but I missed the books. Tried to go back in, wouldn’t let me. Locked out. Just killed Moroes. NO keys again! Like usual. This truly sucks.

go through the front entrance and do the raid instead of the newer dungeon version of karazhan. he doesn’t drop the keys because you don’t need them in the raid version.