No key ring?

The keyring for dungeon keys and such was added in patch 1.11.

wowwiki . fandom . com/wiki/Patch_1.11.0

“Players now automatically have Keyrings. When a player first acquires a key, they will automatically acquire a keyring that can only hold permanent dungeon keys. The size of the keyring will increase as the player goes up in level up to 12 key slots at level 60.”

So why is there no keyring in Classic?


I think they said something today about adding it in.

That is the answer right there ))

  • It was in Vanilla but we got classic.

Unfortunately, just one of the more obvious things that are not authentic.

give them time. Classic is still “new”.

I recall near the end of beta they said they were working on it. I’m surprised it isn’t in honestly.

They specifically talked about this at the AMA that they were working on adding it.

still no keyring?

Its being added in a later phase

/4 lf invite to layer with keyring

The keyring is on another layer.