No humor for Blizzard this year?

Not that I’m surprised but by now a blue usually swoops in here to post patch notes from the void itself.

Did they decide to give it a duck are they saving all the jokes for the 19th?

Did you check the pins? Patch 9.4

Oh. I thought this was the joke.
Coming Later This Year: Shadowlands Season 4 - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (
Just seem far more convincing and legitimate.

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omg you are so funny oh wow almost broke my neck


Yeah that was a weak set up for their own punch line. :crazy_face:


Did you not hear, we are on a 3 year running april fools joke, its the best one yet.

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I mean Pelagos as Arbiter is a pretty good one.

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BM Hunter tier set.

That’s their joke.

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Wait til we have season 4 in hand, and then complain about it. There’s a chance they could make it really fun. Imagine if these old raids and dungeons were balanced really well. Make them short and rewarding so people were excited to run them, and maybe even run them on alts and stuff. People are jaded about this content because it ran so long and wastes your time so badly. That is a totally arbitrary limitation Blizzard puts on the content that would be trivial to not do.