No General Discussion but have an active sub

General Discussion will not let me post on the forums I have a active Subscription but it says I can’t post because my account doesn’t have one.

I also can’t find anything on when the 2nd and 3rd wings for LFR are going to be released. Are these both bugs or what is going on with them.

The forum website sometimes gets out of sync with the account management software, so it gets confused and thinks your game time has expired. The least dramatic way to nudge it and make it refresh is to log out of the website (and the forums) and then back in. Along with that, clearing your browser’s stored information (cookies, cache, etc.) might be needed.

Sometimes, you may have to change your password to straighten it out.

This is the Season 3 announcement, with the relevant dates:

As usual, LFR is timegated wing-by-wing. Not a bug.

Thanks couldn’t find that anywhere. also didn’t know that the LFR was timed to release each wing.

Interesting. It always has been, going back as far as I care to remember. Pretty much as long as LFR raiding has existed.

It’s done this way so that LFR players don’t beat normal raiders to the end boss kill. The devs want to preserve progression raiding and don’t want casuals showing them up.

ok Cause when Cata 4.3 released and LFR was implemented into the game, I joined LFR as soon as I geared and that was about 2.5 - 3 weeks after I got my first LFR epic I remember that because I said finally… do you know if they changed it after Mythic raids were added?