No gem socket on crafted 262 belt?

Ahh, see but it does work on cypher gear dropped in ZM. My 252 ring is an example where I put one on it. So it’s not just group gear.

If the caveat is “crafted gear isn’t seasonal” then I wonder if I can add a gem socket from a previous season. :thinking: if I can even remember who sells them.

I still think this is an oversight. It makes no sense to be blacklisted.

If the item is still around, it would likely be on Ve’nari., or if it is season to, possibly a vendor in Korthia

262 was introduced in Season 2.

Unfortunately, they deleted the Korthia socket, which I don’t believe worked on crafted gear either. But I might be wrong.

I’m sorry you got screwed out of your socket, though. Maybe you’ll get a new upgrade you can use it on soon.

I don’t remember being able to buy a crafted 262 prior to 9.2.

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Was there another recipe? This is the one I’m talking about, from The Enlightened vendor.

We’re talking about the legendary that is crafted with a level 4 base item plus the Korthia rep token to add 2 levels aren’t we?

Uh, if the legendary slot can have a gem slot, it tends to be crafted with such already on.

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Buggers. I guess I can switch to a 262 crafted ring, which comes with a socket, and just get a 252 cypher belt or raid drop. Shrug. Then I can use it in that.

That’s what I thought too, that the 262 version should have a socket already.

But the OP might have bought a crafted belt, not a legendary base, item to use.

The legendaries do come with sockets. But the 262 “blue” belt apparently doesn’t. I wonder if the wrists do… :thinking:

Oh, I just recalled a reason for why there isn’t a socket already and cannot add one.

This is a legendary upgraded from rank 1 purchased prior to 9.1.5 when it would have included a socket.

Doubtful, as all crafted gear is a season one base that can be upgraded, when crafting, to the current max level for such.

I believe that upgrading, since you need the base item to upgrade, would retroactively add the socket to the piece. what the OP likely has is: upgraded with

can you use the creation catalyst on the belt? if so, then maybe that conversion can then accept the socket. :thinking:

I tried with ENG goggs, no go.

Where do you buy that?

From the vendors near the guild bank in Oribos. Here’s what was update in 9.2:

they probably consider crafted gear to be season 1 even tho you slot a season 3 upgrade into it.

Ah, ok. Thanks. I don’t do the vault stuff so that’s why I didn’t know about that one.