No dungeon drops since Legion

I have not received an armor drop in any dungeon or raid since Legion. Is anyone else having this problem? I mean this is seriously discouraging. No armor, no weapons. I have had to gear up from World Quests alone this entire time. I stopped running dungeons all together because there is no point. I get no rewards, at all. I have literally done content where everyone else gets an armor piece or a weapon and I get gold or azerite only. I am considering just not playing anymore. I get nothing out of my efforts. Games are supposed to be fun and you are supposed to progress. It is what keeps a player coming back. Been playing since Vanilla. Fix this please. Maybe my account is bugged somehow? Also, been trying to get the Horseman’s mount FOR YEARS. I gave up on that too. This is true for my alts as well as my main. No decent loot, for any content.