No Arfus club

I honestly felt Arfus would be like some of the other events like goblin goat that you basically have to keep deleting.

I got arfus, the saddle, and the mount in that order, first que, across the first 3 days.

Some people are just built different

I finally got Arfus today with one wicker curse on me.
Wishing good luck to all wanting to get this pet. :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers:


Completed 13 more attempts today, all HC, for a total of 75 so far this holiday. Still no Arfus. What a garbage experience.


Is it confirmed whether or not Arfus drops on non-hardmode?

In hardmode, does accumulating stacks of debuff (but still below the 10-stack limit) from curses affect anything about your drop chances? (I slipped up at the last moment again today and got a stack and it got me wondering if I’ve actually had a completely clean run yet)

It does drop for people that don’t have any curses active according to comments on Wowhead.

From what was said here, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re still active.


Well hey, iʻm sure you got an always cool and highly coveted Dwarf Male Mask or something.

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I didn’t get the mount until last year, after trying for it every single year since Hallow’s End started. If that is any indication of how long it is going to take to get the pet and dragon saddle, then I will not see either of them.

Would be amazing also if I did not have to eat a deserter debuff because someone could not wait for ppl to get curses.

This idea of first character doing the dungeon gets bonus type roll each day …now is that each toon you take in for the first time of new day or just the first one?

Perhaps bad RNG luck is karma for insatiable greed.

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I don’t have it, but then I’ve never tried, so that’s totally fair.


120 attempts so far this season. I have not gotten Arfus or the mount transmog. Have tried both hardcore and non-hardcore and still nothing. Gotten 1 Hallowed Helm (which didn’t count toward the achievement for some reason) 4 rings, 1 scarlet key, 2 swords, many masks and way too many sinister squashlings.


i think you and me share the same RNG, more squashlings then i want to count…no pet, no mount armor, killed with and without hardmode around 90+ times now, the numbers dont add up


Idk why but I got it even faster than everyone else. I didn’t even have to do horseman once.

it doesn’t sound fair at all. you should have it. otherwise it’s FOMO and timegating

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Same thing happened to one if my friends. I had been trying for the mount for 10+ years at that point. I took her with me in one of my runs. Her first time ever running it, the mount dropped lol.

Some people just have that extra bit of built in rng xD

my bf got it his first run this year.
I’ve yet to see it.

I got it on the third try and by the next day it dropped again, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give it away to anyone in the group.

I finally got it today after running multiple max level characters with all 4 curses up every day. (Still no mount but I can live without it, the cute battle pet however…)

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