Ninja Looter

Beware of the ninja looter Toonlink in the guild The Bowery Boys on Eranikus (WoLK) Horde. Tanked UK and close to last boss switched to ML without anyone noticing and took Xbow that dropped from a Marksman Hunter that mentioned he needed it early in the run. Tank put everyone on ignore and left. (Side note Tank already had armor plated shotgun)

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Naming and shaming is against forum rules.

I understand wanting to get the word out about somebody doing bad things, but this isn’t the way to do it.

Ill gank toonlink if i see him for ya


oh yea then what is? would love to hear your thoughts.

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OofOof kinda crappy behavior.

Add Soso boomkin druid from guild The Dawn to the list and his buddy Kocaine feral druid Ms/Os raid I won roll item was given to Kocaine who then tried to sale the item to me and when I wouldn’t buy it started offering the item to highest bidder in raid. i think both players have changed there names so if u see druids in Guild The Dawn its probably them.

Ok now gank me :slight_smile:

Beware Im usually prot when traveling with 6k sim DPS