<Nightwish> Guild Recruiting DPS for Heroic and Mythic Raid Progression

Hello all!

We are a guild running 2 raid groups currently for Heroic raid progression and a bit later on we’ll be forming into a single group to clear Mythic. Currently we are 10/10 Normal and 6/10 Heroic.

Our schedule is Tuesday / Thursday starting at 7PM EST and ending at 10PM EST.

We’re currently seeking DPS to fill in, preferably ranged DPS - We’re lacking in hunters, mages, ele shams, spriests, and warlocks. Though we’ll absolutely still consider taking in any DPS - if we trial you out and you perform very well on dps meters and with mechanics, then that’s about all we need to see.

We also run Mythic+ frequently and we have a fair number of members in the guild who are interested in PvP and doing fun guild grouped events in game, in discord, and elsewhere!

We’re a fairly relaxed guild, we’re not trying to be a world first completion guild, we’re here to have fun but still progress at a steady rate. So when someone is struggling with DPS, mechanics, healing, etc - We will never berate that person, we instead will have an officer reach out to them to get them the help needed to make the necessary improvements to progress. If we’ve tried and the needed improvements just can’t be made, we’ll be forced to sit them unfortunately, especially for Mythic raid - But everyone is given a fair chance to prove themselves and excel!

If you have any questions feel free to either leave them here or message me in game, I’m usually logged in as either:


Thanks and have a great day!