<Nightstalker> is recruiting

After an extended break, an ex mythic raiding guild has reformed with the same leadership. We are currently looking for all classes to fill raid spots, except tanks, however, tanks are in high demand for mythic plus.

We are a very inclusive and relaxed guild, in regards to social aspects, we have a focus on progression without forcing content down. Currently 8/8H and 2/8M after restarting the guild at the end of November/start of December.

The guild is very active, and social/friendly, both the in-game guild chat and our discord are used fairly frequently, and it’s very easy to find a mythic plus group for all skill ranges, we have some players within the top 10 of their respective classes for the server, and are always willing to help out.

For raids, all dps are required, primarily ranged, however good melee are welcomed as well. Healers we need all, with a focus on druids and mistweavers.

Raid times are; 7-10pm server time Wednes and Sunday

We intend to down more mythic content next raid tier, we just need to fill out a roster.

In regards to the guild environment, it’s very social and friendly, with quite a lot of banter, it’s not a toxic or bad atmosphere/elitist.

Add me if you’re interested or want more information