Nightmare incursions, broken design on PVP servers?!

You went through that WHOLE post and this is the ONE thing you felt the need to respond to? How interesting.

Did I say you can’t complain? You can complain until you are blue in the face. You’d still be wrong, but you have absolutely every right to complain. Complaining though isn’t going to do much. Sounds like you should go level somewhere else and come back when you can fight the opposing faction.

Well, established and consistent features such as the way that PVP servers work are.

Yes, I do think they chose to actively not add guards. That is EXACTLY what I think they did. Especially since they added guards in other areas. Now, you COULD make an argument that the quest NPC and rep vendors should be in another location, or that there should be another way to access them. And there IS other places for the rep vendors. But that’s not really the argument you made now is it.

Numerical Values are much easier to mess up, especially when paired with multipliers, than literally forgetting to put in NPCs in an area. Like, INCREDIBLY different.

To be fair, those adjustments were quite small and calculated. And yes, that ALSO makes sense. Is this just going to be “I forsaw every problem they did address because I am perfect, and all the ones they don’t are because of incompetence.” Because I think you’re the least qualified person to talk of game design right now.

It’s better to overtune a dungeon than to undertune it. And again YES YES YES. NUMBERS AND NUMERICAL INFORMATION IS WAY HARDER TO BALANCE THAN GUARDS IN AN AREA. IT’S SIMPLE STUFF. The devs are not hardcore raiders. How many times do dungeons release to get stomped in one clear and people say it’s too easy? All the time. You seem to not understand that there isn’t a lot of testing on these things, which is where number tweaks and simple mistakes come from.

As for guards, let them put guards by the NPC. It won’t change anything. You will just get camped in front of the portal, inside the portal, at the bottom of the ramp to the portal, etc.

You seem to be unable to have a real conversation and your attitude is terrible. So I will remove you from my forum experience. Enjoy.

muh pvp server muh u signed up for this.

There was no similar wpvp to this in vanilla, classic or right now in era, or really a similar designed area. The one stop shop for all the new content/rep/dailies is a retail thing

What happened to all the muh pvp servers when this type of content became the norm? Oh yea warmode.

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Wow that’s a lot of text I didn’t read. Oh well! Let me tell you why you’re not correct here - Aggrend didn’t put guards outside the Emerald Dream because he didn’t expect there to be THAT many people doing Incursions - nor did he expect there to be so many level 50 griefers camping the quest giver instead of doing literally anything else. Oops.

Yea, we didn’t have content releases that pushed people into specific locations and areas like Blackrock Mountain, Silithus, or the Isle for ZG. Oh wait, yes we did. In fact the ZG Isle is IDENTICAL to this. AND even more of an issue because it was the location for the world buff.

Actually Warmode was not because of the content change, it was because they merged he servers with crossrealm functionality. When it became no longer feasible to segment the populations into two different servers and instead make server clusters, the idea of PVP servers and sever identities in general went away.

“With War Mode, we wanted to solve the problem of some players feeling “locked” into one play style or another by their realm choice. They might have picked a PvE realm purely because their friends were there, even though they were interested in open world PvP. Conversely, they could have chosen a PvP realm to start, but later decided it wasn’t for them anymore. War Mode provides a way for both styles of gameplay to co-exist for every player—and with the way realm sharding works now, we felt this was the right opportunity to let players choose.”

All those level 50s trying to quest while getting zanza’s tho right

The devs hear you loud and clear buddy

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What did u think would happen on a PvP server?

This doesn’t support YOUR point either though. You realize this right? It actually supports mine more than yours as it sounds like it was done for freedom of choice for server selection NOT because of people taking action on PVP servers.

Brainstorm a few reason’s why someone may decide they no longer want to play on a PvP server.

Take your time.

also xrealm play had been around for 7 years or so before warmode.

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I don’t have to, it is literally included in the post.

None of that is “We felt PVP servers were bad” they are all “We want players to have a better option than rerolling.”

And to that I ABSOLUTELY agree. War Mode is perfectly fine for that reason. And War Mode is a function of retail. SoD is not retail. And if you make a bad choice then I’m sorry but, that’s not how SoD is designed. There are a LOT of things they changed in the name of more player choice and better experience.

LFG, LFR, Multiple difficulty tiers in raids and dungeons, crossrealm, war mode, better questing hubs, etc. Are we saying we should have those all back? Sounds like the solutions to these problems exist, in a different version of the game or a different server. And it sounds like decisions were made by people that they didn’t prepare for.

SoD is not for everyone and will not be for everyone. And that is ok. It doesn’t have to be. There are other versions you can play on.

Don’t see where I claimed it was due to “pvp servers were bad.” Content started shifting towards the one-stop shop new patch zones (which are very similar to incursions), they needed an option for players who didn’t want to experience exactly what people are complaining about with incursions

I never advocated for any retail systems or design concepts to be implemented. There’s just a very obvious case study about what this type of content entails and how Blizzard approached it.

Yea you kind of did. You kind of HEAVILY implied that it was linked. So if you’re going to LIE we can just end this conversation with me putting you on ignore. I don’t engage with dishonest and bad actors. Either stick to what you said or get lost.

Those are not at all similar. Nightmare Incursions are WAY more like the Silithus expansion or the Thorium Brotherhood area at Thorium point. A faction specific location for ONE type of content for ONE specific purpose.

The Nightmare Incursion area is not the launching point for all activity in the zone.

Massively different designs. And this is SoD, not retail, as I already addressed.

Yes, there is an entire history to it. And it led to retail. And there are people that do not like the direction it took. And would rather play an older version of the game with the older design themes intact. Design themes that include open world PVP servers JUST LIKE THIS. And that is what SoD is. It was the stated goal from the start that it would be continuing in the vein of Classic. So what exactly is your point?

Now my response is not try a PVE server, it’s try retail. Thanks for making this far easier.

lol. They didn’t remove PvP servers because “they were bad”, they just gave players the ability to opt out of it without playing on a different server.

AQ was what phase 5? Yea I remember all those level 50s running around trying to quest there for sure. TP/BRD etc certainly had it’s share of traffic - if you weren’t on a faction dominated server that is but again not nearly to the extent incursions are seeing.

Incursions are pretty inclusive,basically all of the quest start there, take place there, not sure if there’s any other way to gain rep aside from there, vendors there. Sure they didn’t put a portal to ST in every one but that’s about it.

The design themes of incursions (and thus the problems that come along with them) didn’t exist in the older version of the game with those older design themes. That’s why I think you “muH u SignEd up 4 tHis!!!” are lol because yea not exactly.

Yes, in a different version of the game. Not in Classic. A version of the game that is designed to preserve these features and functions.

You seem to be focused extremely heavily on questing. There are other open world activities. Questing does not make this unique. And it doesn’t require them to be 50 either. Neither of those matters.

But ONLY for the incursions (And the vendor is shared across all the zones so you can go to any of them for rep rewards). You don’t go to the nightmare incursions to do the Ashenvale event, to get quests for the rest of Ashenvale, to train your character, vendor and repair. It is not a one stop shop for all activity in the zone. It is a one stop shop for all activity in that SPECIFIC portal and that portal alone.

I don’t agree with you. I have given you plenty of examples. Don’t like SoD and their design philosophy go play something else. They already addressed this. Sorry not sorry.

Again, it’s hard to tell if you’re just being intentionally dense but that’s the point.

“you picked a pvp server hurr durr”
"Yea, but this isn’t the spirit of le classic wow wpvp. This is retaily content and a huge reason why war mode came about

Incurisons are one of the biggest features of this patch, and some of the only new content. What other new, SoD exclusive content rivals them for open world? Getting new runes?

Questing doesn’t make it unique, but does show how AQ isn’t a very good comparison. 90% of the server wasn’t in Sithilis trying to level, they are for incursions.

Didn’t say it’s a one stop shop for the zone, but for the new content. Yea you can go do other things but maybe people are interested in playing the new content that’s exclusive to this variant of the game

I can also play SoD and have an opinion about incursions wpvp.

Blue post is just the same parroting. See mom look look right here they said PvP will occur see see it’s a pvp server mom!!!

Love it when people post these cry threads. PvP happened on a PvP server guys


If only they had been warned about this! I am sure the devs just made an oversight and didn’t think.

I’ve been killed by Horde while sitting in the Astranaar inn. Guards are not a guarantee of safety.

literally nobody leveling in Desolace, in case anybody was wondering

except me, cuz im a nobody :expressionless:

i agree the incursions event was a complete and utter failure due to it being so gate kept by pvp

im still 800/3k for neutral and ive tried the entire weekend to run incursions cant find any groups go there and theres like 50 alliance sitting on the quest npc that all turn and 1 shot anyone who comes near

they are gate keeping the entire server and for reasons like that they have to nerf raids and stuff i need my 4 items from incursion but now my weekend is over i have to work then my next day off is raid day and i wont have my gear in time

so go eat a bullet and stop being alive if you think that oh just roll on a pve server is the answer its not this is a game design error and blizzard needs to be flamed and shamed for doing something so stupid like this