Nightborne Eyes

It might just be me, to be honest-

I don’t like the new Nightborne eyes.
8.3 has been interesting for me thus far. I like some of the changes, and some I don’t. I’m stating the obvious, I know, but I’d be remiss if I said I didn’t like most of the cosmetic changes made this patch. I think for the most part, the eyes were really well done. All except for those of the Nightborne. Prior to the patch, the Nightborne had a really soft, really nicely colored purple glow over their eyes- I personally didn’t mind it all too much and I don’t believe most people did. 8.3 drops, however, and now they’ve got really nasty, flat metallic-silvery orbs for eyes. Reminds me a lot of the nictitating membrane crocodiles have. I’d rather see the eyes for Nightborne reverted back to their old, or at least cleaned up to look…more natural.


Didn’t patch said only nelves and belves eyes changed? well, and worgen.

Undead did too. And void elf, so pretty sure Nightborne too.

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All races with eye glow got slight changes.

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Keep in mind this is step one in the eye updates. This is the basis for what they’ll be improving.on in Shadowlands.

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I’ll admit I’m not familiar with how Blizzard works around these things. Compared to most players and the lifespan of the game, I haven’t been playing the game that long. Nice to know that we may see some improvement on it in the future. Still not thrilled about the prospect of having to look at these eyes until Shadowlands, however.

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the current nightborne eyes more closely resemble the npcs in being more silver. now they just need a more slender eye shape and we might actually look a little more like the npcs

This was talked about in a blue post, actually. They don’t usually do steps and phases of fixes to graphics like this that I can remember.

They should have kept it more noticeable for people to see. I’m sorry they didn’t. :confused:

Let me see if I can find it again.


Here it is!


The nightborne eyes look lifeless now. Maybe its the reduction of glow and lack of color.


Yea they looked better before. Hopefully blizzard could work on them. Give us kore options. Old eyes as an option would be appreciated.

Night elves look terrible too, on females they look blank and unfinished and on males they make their eyes look really small. I hope they make them a bit brighter or give us the option to adjust the glow intensity, they just don’t look right


Same thing with night elf eyes, they don’t look very good to me after the change. Hopefully they do fix them because right now they look lifeless and flat.


yeah, night elves look kinda not as good now.


It is not just you. I have two nightborne characters and a void elf.

These are my main characters.

I loved the old look these elves had when these races first came out.

The new change to the eyes, yes makes them look metallic and hollow.

I want my eye glow back.

I want the eyes my elves had before this change.

This change feels so personally wrong I feel my characters have been violated.

I love wow but I cannot accept this eye change. I hate it so much I will quit the game until I can change the eyes my characters originally had or some sort of new glow options appear immediatly.

Absolutly hate how they look now.


Me either. I think all the new eyes look relatively fine… except Nightborne.
They look like weird lifeless pearls. The heritage helm makes them look especially dead.