Eye Changes for Death Knights and Elves

In the Visions of N’Zoth PTR, testers will soon see initial changes that we’re making to improve how brightly-glowing eyes look on many player-characters. In today’s build, this will be noticeable for Blood Elves, Night Elves, and all races of Death Knights.

As we discussed at BlizzCon, we are bringing many new customization options to player-characters in Shadowlands, and this is an early step that we’re taking to lay groundwork for updating this particular look.

We expect to update brightly-glowing eyes further in future builds of the Visions of N’Zoth PTR.

Thank you for your testing and feedback!


Awesome to hear!
Looking forward to seeing any such improvement :purple_heart:

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<_< Conveniently forgetting Worgen here? One of the biggest feedback about the new models is their eyes don’t glow nearly as much as they used to, and females “glowing eyes” face doesn’t glow at all, despite the fact they were told they would.


Ooooh, that’s cool. It would be great if there were several options for eye glow strength.

Sucks for Demon Hunters though, not having eyes and all that… maybe options for different glowing colors?


Can we expect more cosmetic changes for Shadowlands? What I really hope is more to see some more Druid changes, such as a revamped Treant model, both for the Glyph of Treant as for Force of Nature, as well new Moonkin Form animations (they feel really outdated now).

Yes! Please fix undead eye glow too, it clips and culls into the eye socket depending on viewing angle. Please also look at helms like the rogue Naxx tier helm that have their own eye glows, the glow on that one is 2" above their normal eyes, giving them 4 eyes.

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I love the glow, so I hope an option to readd it will be implemented with this.


nooooo please make this adjustable or something. The new “glow” is way to dull for me.


Big opportunity to fix undead eyes here, ever since the model update the eyes are really buggy and the eyelids clip through the glow.

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The brightness isn’t really a problem. What we need is for the eyes to have a misty look to them like Arthas and Bolvar had.


Oh, cool, so eye updates for Undead? And their glitchy eyelids and misplaced eye particle effect orbs that have been weird since WoD update?
Oh. I see. Alright then.

Seeing the pics on mmo-champion, and I dont really like it.


If you’re going to remove the big glowy bit, can we at least get the option for normal eyes with pupils for elves? Tyrande had pupils on the WC3 cover, and Elise Starseeker from Hearthstone has pupils in all her art.

She also has glasses and I need glasses ASAP but thats neither here nor there.


Yeah its like they have no glow at all. They went to the opposite extreme.


This looks terrible, so far.

Do not like.


Maybe as an option that’d be fine…But the updated version shows the weakness in the Deathknight/Night elf’s eyes without the glow. Like it wasn’t designed to be seen…I mean, maybe if they had pupils, it’d look better.


Female Blood Elf player here, eye glow looks to be completely disabled for her on the PTR? I believe that’s the opposite effect than intended?


People did complain that the eyes were too bright. Now people are saying the the eyes are not bright enough. o.O


Looks awful so far based on the previews. Really hate having no glow. Hopefully there’s an option for us to stick with the current eyes, because there’s no way I’d willingly use these new ones.


When? Where? I’ve literally never seen someone complain about the eyes being too bright. Even if people WERE to complain about the eyes being bright, that does no mean that going from ‘bright’ to ‘ZERO glow’ is a good compromise.


I was perfectly happy with my character’s eyeglow effect. Having it changed/diminished rather than having them add additional customization options to modify glow is not ideal.