Nightborne Druids

Can we get Nightborne Druids? Learn from ValeWalker Farodin and have the Nightborne find the teachings of Arcan’dor which balance arcane and nature.

Nightborne share the same religion as the night elves before the sundering so they all believed in Elune and the well of eternity.

They are much the same elves as the Night elves. Also Nightborne know nature magic especially High Botanist Tel’arn, so other Nightborne can learn nature and arcane and become powerful balance Druids through the Arcan’dor and Farodin. He can bring back the order that created the Arcan’dor and as well go back to the emerald dream and receive the blessing of Cenarius to learn Druidism. Elune can’t abandon her forgotten children who had to protect themselves with a bubble. There are signs of Elune and Nightborne acknowledging her.

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