Night Elf Heritage Disappointment

I’ve just finished the Night Elf heritage questline, ‘mid’ is certainly a good descriptor of what that questline is, there a few neat moments and seeing the ceremony of a Kaldorei receiving their markings is interesting although it ended up being marred by bugs. It felt less like a Night Elf racial heritage quest and more like a Maiev character progression quest, and even then it’s not particularly decent.

The slow escort/walk of Maiev through the Barrow Dens is fine, if a little boring, what’s not is her constantly pointing toward Braziers that have already been dealt with like a hyped up child on the confectionary aisle begging for mummy to get her the packet of smarties. I can see the appeal of having story content not on the PTR, it’s cool to experience it without spoilers - until you remember that half your audience is unable to play it until the Americans have thoroughly posted it everywhere online thanks to the way patch releases work across different regions, so for EU players it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

I’m also disappointed by the lack of variant colours. We know that at least one other colouration exists in the form of the blue and silver variant which was datamined. Now, I understand that just because something is datamined doesn’t mean that it’s going to end up being put into the game but it feels like a crying shame to have this especially cool piece of armour be locked off and languishing in the game files being of no use to anyone when it would’ve been used and enjoyed by many.

I really hope that alternate variants don’t end up on the Trading Post. That’s not what that is for and it would feel really scummy to take out rewards from where it makes sense to have them be rewarded from and stick them onto what is now essentially an extension of the in-game shop.

I’m also disappointed by the new customisations for Night Elf characters. I’ve already made a thread about the new facial markings but it’s still unfortunately true. The new body tattoos are also pretty unsatisfactory. They have awkward, jaggy and pixelated edges which really date the models and look really poor.


It’s incredibly frustrating that night elf players didn’t receive the silver and blue variant given it was part of the official advertisement. Not to mention, other races received multiple variants of their heritage armor.

If Blizzard thinks of putting this on the trading post, I feel there is going to be an even bigger outcry and they would be perfectly justified.


It was certainly… a choice to put Maiev, the warden known for her low cooldown blink mobility in warcraft 3, as a slower than RP walking, 300x pointing, yelling at you if your pinky toe steps a millimeter outside the not-very-visible bubble, acting like I will DIE because I turned the light on inside the car while driving.

I felt very… weird and unsure about the random guy now being accepted as a warden. It doesn’t feel justified within the world and very out of place. Also felt weirdly almost forced upon him and his limited characterization made it seem like he didn’t even want it? Which felt even extra weird. This is a civilization that has existed for tens of thousands of years, I dont think their long held traditions are handwaived away with merely a shrug because somebody yolo decided they should be. Surely this is not the first male character to have helped in fighting demons? Why now? what motivation is there for deconstructing such a strict (and subjectively imo, cool unique cultural twist) system of beliefs?

I thought this thread of twitter was a well written expansion on my vague feelings