Night Elf Heritage Armor and Weapons Not Displaying on Character

I completed the quest line for the new night elf heritage armor and weapons appearances on my night elf demon hunter.  I immediately changed her transmogrification to them.  However, she is showing up in the armory in only her undergarments.


it has been 6 weeks now and armory haven’t updated the NE Heritage Armor in Armory now. Just wish this is on their radar atm.


Looks like the recent patch also came with a fix for the website armory.  My night elf demon hunter is no longer appearing in her underwear.  :+1:t2:

This issue is back with the new heritage armor from the Emerald Dream questline. /facepalm
Please for God’s sake Blizzard, get this sorted I look like a weird RPer or something. :confused: lol also - why can’t we go back to the armory of old where we could spin our characters around? D:

Because people were using that feature on the original armory to make lewd poses, unfortunately.

lol wait is that really why?

Yes.  We were restricted to preset poses afterwards, then it wasn’t too long when the original armory went away altogether.

Perverts are why we can’t have nice things.

Currently, I have 2 characters with the NE heritage armor mogged. One has the original red color skin and it shows up fine. My main has the blue color skin and he is the one that shows up nekkid…not that I mind at all, but I feel for others that see it…