Night Control guild (H) possibly looking for guild merger!

After weeks spent recruiting and checking out other servers we are possibly interested in a guild merger. We are a small casual guild full of mostly working adults and some over 18 students. We are available to raid on weekends -Saturday nights mostly - 9pm-12am cst. Some of us would be available during the week for raiding. We have about 10 people who would possibly move guilds or we would be interested in absorbing a smaller guild. My battletag is Cyrha#11936. We are not interested in hardcore or semi hardcore guilds. If you like to yell or be dicks to your guild please do not message me!

Hey there,

I sent you a battletag request. We would be open to adding members to our roster in your situation. Although we are a semi hardcore raid guild. ( We raid 2 times a week), we have plenty of members that like to run ALTs on the weekends and I think we would both benefit from having a few more mature adults on our roster to group with. Our members could lend their experience in helping you through some of the content on the weekends etc.

Our guild has been around since Vanilla so we’re a stable group of players. If you’re interested we could talk a little more about it on Discord. We are on Stormreaver {Horde}

Good luck!