[N/H] trying to decide where to go

Hi all. I mostly play Alli side on MG, but an think about using the upcoming remix to get me a nice Horde alt to rp on, would I be okay doing that on MG, or would I be better off running her over here on WrA? I’ve also been trying to look for a consolidated RP calendar (if there is one anymore) but all the links I’ve been finding are dead. Any help/suggestions/comments appreciated!

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Not sure but I think it’s good to have characters on both servers, might meet some new people! In the next patch (pre patch for TWW), you can join guilds cross faction AND cross server, plus the new log-in screen and stuff, so at the end of the day you don’t lose much by spreading across servers now :slight_smile:

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If the link for the Wyrmrest Community Project Discord is still working, I’d give that a try. Most of the recurring events are listed there, including Horde and neutral events.


Said link:


I’m personally a massive fan of WRA and play here on both factions, so I have a certain bias… But what I’d honestly recommend is making a couple low level alts and experiencing the RP scene on both sides, if random walk-ups are your thing. Check out Orgrimmar and Silvermoon, on both servers, and see what you think! Then that might help you decide who to level in remix in a couple days.


This. This is what I did. Three dwarves and a night elf later, a couple months removed from playing several weeks on MG. WrA sucked me in but your mileage will most definitely vary.

Good luck, friend!