Next non-Leather Alt

Hello! I intend to use my Druid main to get all the leather transmog from Covenants, so the next alt I want focus on would be from other armor classes.

Which non-leather classes do people play after Druid? I don’t intend to raid so just want suggestions for fun.

Nor to pvp or M+?
Getting ~200ilvl+ takes about 5 minutes from the second you ding 60. So, I guess it makes sense, if you want jsut for mogs, that’s more than sufficient.

What other classes do you think you will play?
Cloth/Plate has the most classes, as Mail is only Hunter/Shaman.

Mail mogs are ugly for the most part.

Paladin world-solo is quite easy, due to self heal / bubble/ steed. Pair it up with Engineering for wormhole from all expansions (most require Skill 1 + hole from AH).

Remember how people complained that Legion was real hard to solo at launch of SL?
On my 150ilvl ret, I could solo full Heroic Tomb of Sarg/Emerald Nightmare(Mythic) w/ ease. And next week it will be even easier!

Go plate!

My original main and primary alt is a warrior.

Also, plate has some of the best mog sets.


World PvP mostly. I have my WM on.

Second this. Warrior is super fun in the environment your talking and Mokon is right about plate mogs being among the best

I like my DK for my main alt. Blood tanking is fun. I like frost for world stuff. Good self sustain.

And cool mogs!

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