Next AWC compositions

What i want to see:

Ferals, Enhancement, Warrior, DK, DH, Monk, Hunters

What i don’t want to see:

Locks, Mages and Priests

can u do that blizz?

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might you offer some reasoning as to why your desires on this topic should be considered seriously by blizzard?


Does the opinion of a franchise player for almost 30 years not matter?

Why should it?


I assume the next AWC will be exciting like all the others where 8 out of 10 teams are lock and mage


Judging by what the 1400 players on the forums are saying, it should be double arms warrior every game. Unpeelable immortal tanks that do 10billion dps.


There’s been pretty good Warrior representation. Rogue too, of course. WW Monk, Feral have been winners as well. Recently, even.

Are you mad about this season in particular? Is there an AWC going on? I’m out of the loop.

last one wasn’t mage and lock winners?

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Not our fault melee are just unskilled peasants.

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still drastically better than lock/mages for a decade

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ok iverson

AWC is made for RMP/MLx. True heroes, against all odds.

thats my point, why is not different?

Yeah well Feral was in Shadowlands. I guess that’s not so recently. EU Grand Finals in 2021 was Jungle (Disc, BM Hunter, Feral) vs RMD (Sub Rogue, Fire Mage, Druid). And the Jungle of Horizon beat out Method’s RMD despite starting 0-3. Pretty good.

But 2023 AWC has been:

NA Season 1 Final - BM Hunter, Ret Paladin, Resto Shaman
EU Season 1 Final - Frost Mage, Demo Lock, PrEvoker (also Sin Rogue, Desto Lock)

NA Season 2 Final - Outlaw Rogue, Balance Druid, PrEvoker
EU Season 2 Final - Outlaw Rogue, Arcane Mage, Holy Priest (also Frost Mage, Demo Lock, Holy Pal)

Going back to 2022, EU was also RMP and Mage Lock.

So, I mean, you’re posting in the NA forums, but blame EU for their love of RMP and Mage Lock. I suppose it’s usually one or the other for the meticulous setup and nirvana brain cooldown use and control.

Extreme high level play isn’t always the best reflection of how fun a game is to play for the general player base. It’s good to have some specs / comps with extreme skill expression and some that are more forgiving.

Do you want easier specs / comps to be consistently tuned so that high skill comps require extreme coordination just to be slightly worse? Or do you want all specs and comps to require extreme skill to pull off? Or do you want all comps to be braindead? No matter what you pick, some people will be unhappy.

What we’ve gotten over the years has been pretty good all things considered.



The same 10 teams every year play what they normally play with some slight variations throughout based on spec balance.
They all usually revert back to their “mains” when the stakes get higher.

You can always count on those Liquid boys showing up with a funny meme comp at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Echo wins EU
Liquid or Luminosity wins NA

I think they retired?

How are you gonna leave rogue out of the “don’t wanna see” category?


Maybe because they are not that broken/boring without a broken caster with them

Lock/mage and Rmp are the most scripted boring thing to watch in awc.

I see that and I immediately turn it off and don’t watch at all.

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