[News] WoW Classic: Descend Into the Depths of Blackwing Lair—Now Live!

Delve into the dark recesses of Blackrock Mountain to uncover the dark secrets waiting in this 40-player raid dungeon—for fame and glory!

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hi blizzard

Can’t wait to get another stab at this historic content. :wink:

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I thought the darkness was AV for alliance.

No thats the entrance to said …“darkness” if you know what i mean.

Starting BWL pug need ret pallies and boomkins. 8 peices pre-bis required
Chromatic sword on reserve

“Descend into the depths.”

Think about that statement for a second.

My guild benched me. I’m a second class citizen.


BWL is on top of the mountain so, it should be, ascend into the heights of BWL.

Herod Alliance guild looking for a couple more members to fill out our raid. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday.