[News] WoW Classic: Class Quests and New Reputation Rewards

The difference of the tone here and the tone of the classic druid tank discord is chefs kiss

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Gib pants. I am Horthas. Gib pants.

According to the lists in that article, nothing on thorium brotherhood rep except the blackgaurd and str to weps is coming out. Are we not getting nightfall and chromatic gauntlets? Really hoping thats also an error

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Please don’t shy away from the communities help. We after all are the reason you’re here, right? We have a much greater knowledge base than what you guys have been operating off of as indicated by the list publications and previous phase implementations.

Let us help you in order to better our community and the game which we wish to play.

Please give us an unambiguous response as to whether wsg exalted pants will be in game. It contradicts earlier posts you’ve made if it comes out early and you’ve now confused quite a few people with this list.


I’ve removed them from the listing and the listings have been updated again. Apologies for the confusion. They will be coming… just not yet. :broken_heart:


Thank you for the swift update <3

Fantastic response, thank you. Druid community seriously appreciates the fast response

C’mon man. No one cares about Druids and you know it.

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Get rid of xrealm. Why do the community managers not manage anything?

can we get a confirmation that the items that are in the post are the only items being released? Or are all of the items that are featured in the wowhead link being released as well.

Main concerns would be the Thorium Brotherhood Items such as Corehound Belt or Nightfall.

Thank you all. I’d rather get it corrected quickly before we’re live than find out I had wrong information.



the wowhead link is showing the healing enchant to bracers formula from ad well as a ton of items like corehound belt and nightfall from tbh. are these actually going to be available at 3pm pst?

What’s up with these wierd posts with blue text?

I’ve only ever heard of them in legend…

24 healing to bracers/Nightfall should be out with this phase.

Heard there may be issues with Nightfall…maybe related to why they haven’t released Don Rodrigo’s ring for AV? (reducing spell resistances maybe not implemented?)

I’m juggling a few things as we get closer to the release time, but I’ll see if I can get a confirmation on those.

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Just to confirm, the Healing Enchant to Bracers formula, Corehound Belt, and Nightfall are all also going live with Blackwing Lair. Don Rodrigo’s ring is later.


I am kinda disappointed right now with the misinformation regarding transmute fires.

I’ve been investing into elemental fires for months now and with this little mishaps prices have tanked on the server.

Why is the only good item on that entire class list the helm a warrior gets?

Because it’s not? Lmao